Nugget Finder 30x7 Patch-Pro Mono

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Sitting out the back veranda this morning and there was a beep beep in the driveway icon_eek.gif

So i looked over the fence and it was the courier van and hopefully he had my new 30x7 NF Mono

Patch- Pro coil on him

It was like Xmas as a kid when he handed me a long flat skinny box icon_biggrin.png


1st impressions are its very light for its large size and the build quality is A1, next i whacked it on

the 5k for a feel of the balance on the end as i walked and it feels really good and easy on the arm.

It didnt wanna go toe down on me like my old 24x12 UFO always did so thats good. 879696879.gif

Cant get out for a swing for a week or two as i just got home from the bush, but i cant wait to test this baby out 1564996868.gif513334374.gif

Got plenty of spots with scattered gold and this is gonna do the job nicely.

Will report more when Ive been out for a swing with it..

Pete B)

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Hi Flak

Was a really great weekend out with a couple of mates and one son of theirs, it was overcast and i made the brave decision

to say "We wont get any rain" :) well we didnt get rain we got totally smashed by a fierce weather front hahaha

must have dropped 2 inches in 2 hrs.

But it soon dried out and we all got some gold in the short time we had left.





My poke for the afternoon


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Not thats a heck of a coil!

Let us know how it goes.

Glad you guys got some nice gold this weekend.

Tom H.

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I've jiggled my schedule a little for this week and hopefully i will be giving the 30x7

a test run over the next few days if the rain holds off.

I will be taking my 11" Mono also and put them head to head on the stronger signals,

i would think the 30x7 should be very sensitive to tiny gold being so skinny, especially

at the toe and heel areas.

My main reason for gettin it is of course for patch hunting, but as we know, every coil

size and shape can bring an old area alive again so i will be going on very flogged dirt

to get a good true test of its abilities and best qualities..

More soon. 2900720931.gif


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Finally got to test run the 30x7 Today

In a nutshell BLOODY UNREAL icon_biggrin.png

Balance on the shaft was A1, and coverage speaks for itself, you can walk not shuffle

with this coil, it ground balanced perfectly and needed little re balancing, i ran it in Fine Gold,

Enhance & Normal timings and it still held its Smoothness and ground balance with ease.

Here's another major plus - 99% touch sensitivity free and i think what i was actually

hearing when i smacked the piss outta it on Quartz & Ironstone boulders was just EMI spikes

as i couldn't get it to repeat the noise with a constant knocking.

I pulled a couple of small 0.5's with it at 3 inch and could hear the target all along the coil

from heel to toe so its very sensitive all along its length.

I got the open web coil and very few sticks gave me the sh#ts, i think thats cause the width

of the openings are very skinny and elongated unlike open web round & elliptical's.

So if anybodies thinking of getting a walk all day patch hunting coil consider one

of these, you wont be disappointed.


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For myself I am waiting for the release of a CoilTek GoldStalker 18x12 Blitz or I was hoping maybe they will make a 24x12 size Blitz. I do not want to get into trouble here but I think the present 14x9 Blitz is a bit more sensitive than same size the NFA.

I was told the 30x7 NFA has about the depth of a 8" round. Also this is what one fellow said about the 30x7 on another forum:


I have used the 30x7 NF patchfinder, I still think its a good coil for the purpose it was designed for, and that is covering lots of ground, they are super sensitive to small pieces of everything, lead shot, steel shards, but you really have to select the type of ground that you use it on, as far as depth goes I think that if you are working ground that has some depth to it you would be better off using a round coil.

By selecting the type of ground, I mean flattish, even clean areas, because they are such a long coil they tend to get heavy so use it in combination with a hipstick, you may only manage a couple of hours swinging with it without one, if you are trying to cover areas that are scrubby, rubbly, or in any way overgrown or strewn with sticks you will find yourself lifting and adjusting the level of the coil continously, this can become tiresome and annoying.

The very nature of the coil means you have to swing it close to the ground, it is sensitive and designed to pick up indicators, small pieces that will possibly alert you to a patch, but as its long and thin the depth ability although reasonable is by no means exceptional, so you need to be able to get it as close to the ground as practicable to get the best out of it.

I am not trying to put you off this coil, as like I said its good for the purpose it was designed, or if you have some areas in mind that it would be suitable for, if you are contemplating it for a general use type coil, then I would probably have to say that something like a 17x11 or a 24x12 eliptical would be more practical.



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G'day H,banker

I'm an old codger with a dicky ticker and i could easily swing this coil all day with just a standard bungee.

the coil seems to dictate its own swing speed which is a gentle easy one due to the lenght not the weight.

Maybe your local dealer has one in their coil hire stock you could have a play with.

G'day B,Beeper

I think this coil gets easily more than 8" depth on larger targets, i swang it over an old junk taget that i discriminated out

and gave up digging at 12" and it heard it just as easily as the 17x11dd CoilTek that i originally found that target with.

I fully agree with "Stayyerau's" comment, it is a purpose built coil for searching large reasonably clear expanses of ground

for that 1st nugget of a new patch,but keep in mind that every patch has gold from sunbakers down to the bedrock or cement

and its the shallowish <12" ones that i seek in WA to get the patch off on a roll, there's always time to fit a 18" or larger round

coil once the initial discovery of the patch is made.

I here the 18x12 Blitz is on the way soon, not sure about a 24x12 Blitz but it would have to be on the cards also....

Good Scratchin

Pete B)

PS: I have no affiliations, not even my EX and her bills 2236709246.gif

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  • Admin

Hey Pete and others,

I've tested this coil up around the Rich Hill Placers of Arizona and the coil gets better depth than most would guess. I thought the depth would be very minimal, but have a larger scanning area. I was actually surprised the coil shot down deeper than I was expecting, so guess I was fooled also.

In areas where the ground is fairly flat and depth is about a foot or less, I think you could find some good patches.

Just my thoughts,

Rob Allison

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