New To Me GB Pro Day

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Hello all,

New to the forum, new to prospecting, new to nugget shooting, and just got a new to me GB Pro with 2 coils from a semi local guy who had it listed on the bay. Got him to remove it from the bay and accept a cash offer and local (sort of) pickup.

Now to learn how to use it effectively enough to hopefully find some yeller metal to help pay for it. Local prospecting club is having an outing this wknd and i am hoping I will be able to find someone with a bit of experience to give me a hand with it.

I enjoy reading everyone's posts and epecially seeing the photos of finds. Please wish me luck this weekend.


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Welcome to the group!

Get hooked up with a guy at the outing and you will be able to learn a lot from a

experienced guy. It will put you way ahead in the game.

Good luck out there.

What state are you in?

Tom H.

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This afternoon I was loading up for the trip tomorrow to Liberty. I decided I had better get out the GB Pro and at least learn how to turn it on and try to figure it out a bit. So armed with the manual I proceeded to the back yard. I played around with various settings and different items, nails, coins, gold flakes etc to check out the detector. After a bit I decided to try to find something in the yard. Much to my surprise the head phones squealed and I was onto to something with a strong signal. Got my digging tool and trowel and started to dig. I figured it was shallow because of the strong signal. I passed several trowels full of dirt under the search coil. Nada, zip, nothing. I dug a bit deeper and saw something silver shining up at me. Woohoo, I thought my first coin. Ha, a bit more digging revealed my very first treasure find with a detector. A picture is worth a 1000 words, so here ya go:


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That scream is one that you will hear many times in the future. Gold doesn't react like that but I'm not telling you to overlook it because you should dig everything especially being new at it. Wire screams like that also with the Gold Bug Pro. Dig everything, learn the sounds, see what that sound reveals. There is sometimes a bit of gold under a piece of trash, you never know. Gold has different sounds taking in consideration the depth, alloy. even position of the piece if it is a thin nugget on it's side. That coil looks nice and shiney, get it roughed up a bit. Proper tools also, have fun guy.

Old Tom

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If you don't have a good pick...not the Home depot will need one. The Hodan type of pick is a great starter pick, if you get a Pi machine you will likely want a different type of pick...I have dug some very deep holes with a Hodan pick and they are light and easy to carry.

Also, please take all the wire, bullets, etc out after you dig it up...even after all these years I find old and new trash left by especially irks me to find brand new soda/beer cans next to their dig holes...


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