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Would anyone be able to tell me if there are any detector stores out there that take trade-ins on new units? I have called a bunch here relatively close but haven't been able to find one. Thanks in advance.

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Chris, when you trade in its no different than the car business.

You're going to get next to nothing for your trade in. It may look like somethin on PAPER.

You should make out much better if you sold it for a very reasonable price yourself to another enthusiast and at the same time your helping someone get started and also promoting the hobby.

Thats what I try to do when possible selling a used detector.

But don't let this stop you from persuing the deal your looking for.

Good Luck an Hapy Huntn.

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  • Admin

Hey Chris and Frank,

I have to agree with Frank. I honestly hate dealing with trade ins, and for this reason mainly. When a customer wants to trade in a unit, I now take over all the responsibility of that detector. That means if anything happens to the unit, warranty or not, the customer will expect me to take care of it.

Also, most customers expect they are going to get like new prices for trade-ins. Once any unit has been opened and used, the value has decreased a good amount.

I try to deal only with Minelab PI's, and newer versions if any. The older models are not being supported.

The best market for used detectors is trying to sell them to someone that is interested rather than a dealer. A customer will probably give you a better price as a dealer is taking the unit back in and then trying to turn for a profit. They are less likely to give you what you want, figuring they have to turn it at some point.

Just to give you an idea on what dealers might go through, here is what a guy about a year ago did with after he purchased a used PI "purchased as is."

The unit was in good condtion, some wear on the box legs, searchcoil wear and wear on general parts (handgrip, arm cover and such). The customer even viewed pictures of the unit before the purchase.

Once the customer received the unit, I received an email stating the unit wasn't what he expected. He said there was more wear than he could see in the pictures and wanted a new coil cover, new neoprene armrest cover, new hand grip foam and a control box cover. :wacko: It never seemed to end ....

So the conclusion is, dealing with trade-ins sometimes can be more of a hassle then what it's worth.

Hope you understand my side of it. I don't think you're going to have any trouble moving your units, as they are in great condition and know someone on these forums will snatch them up quickly.

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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Wow, opened my eyes a lot.

Luckily I have found two dealers that are going to try to help me out. I understand the point of a dealer taking the responsibility for the machine, that's why I would never expect any dealer to agree to anything until they saw the units physically themselves and was sure they were in proper condition. And the reason for trying to go with a dealer is because unlike a dealer I don't have people coming to me to buy regularly since it is not a business for me.

I also understand about items decreasing in value. But it is a little ridiculous to expect to get $1,000 worth of near mint equipment for less than half of retail. But I guess that's just me.

Thanks for the replies.

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