Sunday morning gold

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Lucky Lundy and I went out to try and beat the heat this morning for a little gold. We were hunting a couple of old patches in hopes to pull out a couple that have been evading us the last couple years. There are two patches not much more than couple hundred yards apart, and both have produced many nuggets. With no luck at the first patch I told Lucky I was heading up to the upper patch to try my luck. Lucky had saw a big rattle snake earlier in the morning at the top and said it be best to walk the long way around to upper patch. I had left my detector on lazy swinging, and half way there I get a banger signal! I figured I might as well dig it, and searching for the square nail out pops this 22dwt nug! I figured since Lucky made me walk the long way to find it, he could walk the long way to see it. Lucky noticed a couple cobbles a few feet away and popped one. I got two more dinks, and Lucky got a handful of good ones. The sun started beating down on us, so we agreed this fall would be a better time to clean house on the connecting patch. Here are a couple pictures on the famous scale...

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To hot out there even early in the morning when it's a little cooler them snakes are out trying to warm up. One heck of a nugget and a new patch for us to work on this Fall. I told you, you'd pay that detector off if you keep your nose to the ground and dig them nails! Congrat's, until the next hunt.


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Congrats on the hunk of gold! :)

Now you can dream about that patch until cooler days.....

But, I bet you get out to it a couple of times before then.....just to soothe the itch. :)

Tom H.

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Thanks for all the congrats guys! Border Boy sorry I didn't get to meet you while your were up in this part of the woods. Rick ask me to come up, but I couldn't make it. Really wanting to go tomorrow but it's supposed to be like 38C in the morning which is a bit hot this way

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