Video of the crown king road

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Cool little video of a couple of quads trying to go to Crown King.

For those of us who couldnt get out and play that weekend.

Tom H.

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Pete, I cant beleive that you would sleep in one of those body bags. One day they will find you floating in the Murry River if you don't anchor it down a little better. You Aussie boys are sure a tough bunch, my bones need a little more comfort than that. Tom and I went in for a 23 ft. RV this year and are gonna make the gold pay for it. I see your beer cans also............

Old Tom

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Yeah Tom

We christened it the upside down canoe :P

And those empties are my sleeping medication hahahaha.

and boy i feel like a corpse some mornings when i get outta that body bag.

I thought medication was meant to take your headache away not make it bloody worse hahaha.

23ft camper ay, man that sounds lovely, i think your young'n sent me some

photo's of it a while back, but hey say G'day to young Tom for me will ya mate ;)

Happy hunting & may the cool weather return soon for yaz.

Pete B)

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Tom, were you filming with GO-PRO mounted to your helmet? Nice video

Thats not my Video. I grabbed it from youtube.

I dont go near that fast on my quad!

Tom H.

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