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Hey all:

Im just passing on a good thing here.....

Coiltek is running a good deal if you enter into it.

It costs NOTHING.....

They are looking for stories of your finds out in the dirt.

It can be gold, coins, whatever.

If you get a 150 dollar voucher to apply to a Coiltek product.

Heck. It cuts the cost of a 6" in half!

It also takes the edge off of getting a bigger coil.

I actually got the March voucher and got a nice big coil. It helps out.

So............submit your stories!

They didnt have any for April/may but are still going to run it.

I DO NOT GET ANYTHING FROM just passing it along.

Hope someone scoops it up.

GL to all out there in the fields.

Tom H.

P.S. Heres the Link..........

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  • Admin

Hey Tom,

I know you have posted this on several forums and most seem to believe it's a way Coiltek can get you to purchase another product. I've seen where some have mentioned if you do win, you have to spend another $300 - $400 to get anything good (searchoil or battery system).

I seen somewhere where someone mentioned they should do it quarterly and then give the winner a new searchcoil or something along those lines.

All I can say is Coiltek is the only one at least attempting to give something away, Minelab or Nugget Finder is not at this time.

Rob Allison

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Couple of skid plates

roll of coil tape

Gpx curly lead

5 coil nut & bolt sets

lower shaft

Appx $150

I certainly wouldnt mind that lot for just writting a story :)

Just need to take the time to stop digging and take some photo's

but i just cant stop digging :P :P :P :P :P


Pete B)

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That's why they call you awesome Aussies, 'Diggers'. Just remember not to let the lid fall in on you when you get down too far.

Yeah, I don't know why folks don't take advantage of an offer like that when you need a coil or some things. $150.00 off ain't bad when you don't have too much to invest. Tom's article is going to be published I beleive in the GPAA magazine this month.

Old Tom

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