Took Mrs. Slayer nuggetslaying today

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I have been hunting for years without ever taking the wife. I was surprised when she said she would love to go out this afternoon. We get out and start detecting, and the first target sounds sweet! I dug it up and it was nice little half gram nug. Great she thinks every hole is gonna be a nug now lol after digging a few trash targets she offers to start digging the holes. At this point I remembered why we got married. Luck have it she starts digging away and we are down about 6" and she says no it can't detect this deep. I tell her less talking and more digging!!! Finally get the target out and looks identical to the first one. After a couple hours and bug bites she called the trip. Had a good time, and what I like to call a real date night. Here is a pic of the gold we got from today. Until next hunt guys keep you pokes filling up!

Here are a couple she dug up, pretty excited as you can see, I call them the twin nugs IMG950547.jpg

This is the poke, not a bad day out with my honey

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Dear Mrs. Slayer,

Thanks for going out with your ol' man. I tremendously enjoyed reading his write-up of your trip, and I'm thrilled you both came back home with gold. Keep at it!!!



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Awesome finds! Ill be moving up your way before long. Looking to transfer to Beale AFB fire dept. within the next year. Born and raised in Vegas, turning 30 soon, just had my first son... looking foward to raising him in that slice of recreational heaven your playing in. Im getting tired of dreamin about it...


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