Summer Nugs

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Woke up and at the goldfields at sunlight to try and beat the heat. The ground is hard, but was able to get a few good targets in before the heat ran me off. Not much for size, but any color is welcome in the poke during the dog days of summer.


Ahhh come on! Not much for size????

Those are some nice nuggets. :)

Ide take em anyday.

Glad you got over them.

Tom H.

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Tom they are pretty thin, but don't get me wrong I was happy to have them! Nugs seem to be hiding really good these days

Welp if thier seemed to have figured out thier spots :)

Glad you got them.

They sure are some pretty yellow ones.

Guess they tumbled a bit.

I think that first one looks like a half crescent wanning moon, or a grumpy old troll looking left :)

Keep up the good work!

Tom H.

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Thanks for the kind words everyone...Cooler days are around the corner, but now I'm stuck back in the class room. Digging nugs is million times better than atmospheric physics, but mother nature doesn't have a set wage so I got to get done with college sooner rather than later

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