Avalibility of the Glod Bug Pro?

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Not sure if that is normal operating proceedure for Kellyco, probably best to call them directly and find out... but I bet if he had bought from Rob rather than a "big box store" he would get better communication. Just a thought ;)

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Hey Guys,

I don't even take the funds if we don't have them in stock, unless the customer requested me to do so. I could only imagine how much money companies like that sit on for months before you get your backordered item.

Well, we have the Fisher Goldbug Pro's in stock, not sure what the problem is with the other company. You can order from us through our online store or give us a call.

Hope this helps,

Rob Allison

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Gold Bugs ran out at warehouse levels last month. Kellyco has been out for weeks and can't get anymore until May at earliest was last I heard. They are famous for selling stuff they do not have.

Why anyone would buy from Kellyco instead of a guy like Rob is beyond me. Their package deals are a joke. They take cheap stuff, put a huge price tag on it, then tell you you are saving a fortune when they give it to you for free. And most of it is stuff nobody needs anyway!

Do yourself a favor when buying gold finding equipment and go to dealers like Rob that specialize in it. Not only will you get a good deal you will get expert help when you need it. I can assure you nobody at Kellyco knows half what Rob knows about nugget detecting.

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You might call KellyCo and cancel the order due to the back order issue....

Then order one from Rob.....he usually sends it out by rocket ship. :)
Tom H.

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I wonder if KellyCo will take you to their claim and show you the ins and outs of the detector after you buy it????

just sayin'

Sometimes we gotta learn the had way,, i am famous for it... ;)

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What I found to be unavailable were the Gold Bug Pro 2-coil Combo's. Searched high and low for one,

and came up with zip. Did order a GBPro (NOT from KellyCo) and it will be here tomorrow, which is

just in time for me to leave Sunday on a 2-week prospecting trip down to Nevada and Calif.

Won't be time here at home to spend with it, so I'll be getting a hands-on education in the field!

Read (and watched) everything I can find on it, so I'm all set as far as the controls, etc. Biggest

issue I expect is getting used to the varying tones, etc.

FWIW, if KellyCo still doesn't have it, then you can cancel your order and get one from Rob

(likely same price) and have it in a couple days!


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