DOC's "Gold is NOT where you Find it" Article

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Hey Guys,

    I don't honestly read too many articles in the GPAA, but this one Doc wrote caught my attention.  Doc has been a long time friend, we have probably known each other for at least 20 years now, if not longer.  Doc has been one of the most honest and ethical person I have ever dealt with in business.  

That all being said, Doc recently wrote an article in the GPAA Sept/Oct. 2018 magazine, titled "Gold is not where you find it."  I must say, the title alone was catchy, so I just had to really read this one and see what Doc was talking about.  

I seen on a few others forums where guys were discussion this ad, and many believe his statement is untrue, which would mean the old time saying "Gold is where you find it" is true.  

Personally, I have been prospecting for gold since a young boy, but electronic prospecting for gold nuggets for at least 25 years now.  I have somewhere in the number, give or take some, of over 10,000 gold nuggets found.  Do I think "Gold is where you find it" or Gold is NOT where you find it?"  

That is a good questions, so my general answer is both are correct to some degree.  I have found plenty of gold nuggets in areas where the Geology favors the textbook gold locations and gold was found.  Then again, I also have found gold in places where I wouldn't have even thought about looking, as the textbooks or other info would say these areas or zones "do not" favor gold being found in them.  I have also had friends find gold in areas, heavy Basalts, barren Granite areas and more where they have taken me and said, "Look at the gold I found here!"  

My overall conclusion of this would be, the textbook areas would be a great place to look for sure, but don't overlook, or place binders on your eyes on areas that the textbooks don't talk about.  Sometimes these small, overlooked locations could be the big "Honey Holes" for gold nuggets! 

Would be interesting to hear what you have to say about this article.  I think the article was written well and will get a lot of attention.  

P.S.  Tell Doc his GPZ 14x13 searchcoil looks really new in the article picture ..... LOL 

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Thanks for the plug Rob.

As I said in the article, no one said you won't stumble across a nugget from time to time in a place where you would not normally look.  You are walking from one likely spot to another and stumble across a nugget(s), and are sort of amazed.

But the point of the article is, "Gold is usually found in the places experience, education and geology tell you it is most likely to be."  I can imagine the greatest majority of those 10,000 nuggets were followed with an exclamation to yourself, "I thought this looked like a good place."

I am sure you have a few, "What the hell is this doing here?" moments, but they were in the minority.

If gold is simply where you find it, why do we bother looking on the inside bends of places where water flows, or is flowing?  Why do we bother to go to areas where there is quartz and granite, and contact zones and mineralized dirt. 

Why did you bother to go to a jewelry store to buy Dawnie her gold engagement ring?

Why didn't you go to a grocery store, or a shoe store, or a meat market?  Now you might have wandered into a Marshall's and found that they had a jewelry counter with diamond rings, (that would have been a "gold is where you find it" moment)  But that would not have been your first thought of where to go to look for a gold engagement ring.

You're first thought when you wanted a gold engagement ring was to go to a jewelry store because that's where you were most likely to find gold jewelry. 

You have exactly 8 hours to find a gold engagement ring.  Where you going to go?  Jewelry stores or meat markets?  Point being, smart detectorists spend their time wisely looking for gold in the places it is most likely to be.

Gold is where you find it, is just a cute catch phrase.  It's like you "always find your keys in the last place you look."   Bottom line is, the greatest majority of gold is found by experienced people who have paid their dues and learned where to look for gold.

As I said in my article, "Gold is where you find it" implies that it is all luck and coincidence.  5 guys who have never swung a detector go out detecting with you Rob.  At the end of the day who is likely to have the most gold?  I would place my money on you Rob.  WHY?  Well not because Gold is Where You Find It.  It's because Gold is found where it is most likely to be, and you have a lot more experience in knowing where to look.


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Hey Doc,

   I agree with you, I have found majority of my gold in places where it should have been.  The spots favored what we know about gold, weight and where it deposits likely, likely mineralization, old-time workings and much more.  It was a great article no question and I think it got a lot of people re-thinking about where the found gold and where they might look in the future.  The ad would have looked better in the ICMJ ?

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