five counterfeit golden eagles?

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Hi everyone, I'm concerned my 5 x 1oz Gold eagles could be fake :(

I inherited these from my mother. Her late husband purchased 30 of them.

They pass the "ring" test. They pass the size test. They passed the magnet test. But...they don't pass the weight test... :( 

Around 19g ea. on all of them (real eagles weigh about 33g ea.). I'm probably going to take them to a local jeweler soon.

My question is we probably know these are fake so is it worth melting these down to get what gold is in these out of them?





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Hi Rob, Not yet haven't had the time to get to the jeweler yet. My brother this month is getting his mass tests done for the liver transplant. My mom is a micromanaging mess lol

And the time i do have I want to head to the hills! Literally lol

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From what I understand about "modern technology" !!  ??   Find someone (jeweler or pawn shop or ??) with an XRF gun, it will tell the composition without harming the coin as with other chemical tests.
Also make SURE your scale is accurate and calibrated, also by trying 1 or more others as comparison.
Sad to think you may be holding fakes.
Best Wishes with this.
An after thought on my part here , fresh batteries !!  set you scale to Pennyweights and weight one see what it tells you.
An ounce of gold should be 20 DWT's    DWT = pennyweights on a scale.
I'm NOT doubting your knowledge or intelligence her just advice to solve problem.


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