Another Video On The Vanquish Coming

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 Minelab just said another video on the Vanquish will be out September 15  3.35 am Australia central standard time .

 Maybe this time Minelab will show more about the Vanquish than the last two videos.

 The talk on this detector it will be a coin and relic machine. What we’ve seen that the Vanquish is red in color but some not happy with that . I’ve never seen that the color would have any effect on the detector detecting.

 It’s said the Vanquish will be a lower price but at the same time offer what lots of high end detectors offer.

 I’ve yet to find any disappointment in Minelab and I don’t believe we’ll see it this time either.


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Hey Guys,

   As a dealer Minelab has dept the new detector pretty quiet until now.   If I had to make an educated guess, from being a dealer for the last 20+ years, Minelab is building detectors to match other manufactures and price point out there.  Yes, my best guess is this new Minelab will be a match for the Garrett AT Pro and other coin/relic units in the $400-600 range.  I think the Gold Monster 1000 was built to take out the Fisher Gold Bug 2 and Pro, which I sell both, since the release of the Monster, I'm not sure I have sold a Gold Bug 2. 

Right now is exciting times, as all the manufactures are scrambling to be on top.  Nokta, Makro, Fisher, Garrett, White's, XP, Minelab are all trying to build the best and take the market.  

I believe the new Vanquish will be a lower end coin/relic, under the Equinox series, but I don't know that for a fact yet.  By the looks and what is released, it's not a new Generation CTX 3030 like many were hoping.  Also, it's not a gold prospecting detector, so you can rule that out also.  


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Hey Rob

 Just remember to put my name in for one of the Pro Packages of the Vanquish when you start taking pre orders , Give me a heads up on the cost and I’ll get the money to you.

 The way I look at the Vanquish if it don’t fit my need I’ve got a Grandson waiting in the wing for it .



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On 9/13/2019 at 8:38 AM, Ridge Runner said:

Now it’s said the video on the Vanquish should be this Saturday at 7 PM GMT.

your guess is as good as mine on what GMT stands for . I’d say it has to do with Australia time.


GMT ... Greenwich Mean Time. The world clock if you will ... it all starts there in London basically. Big Ben is UTC-0 ... I think AZ is UTC 7 which is Mountain Standard Time ... the zone AZ is in ... and during Daylight Saving Time(DST) it is Pacific Time as well as AZ Time because AZ does not recognize or participate in DST!

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Steve H. on his forum just posted that Minelab will be offering three new coils for the Vanquish.

 Their size is as follows V-12  12 X 9 DD

V-10  10 X 7 DD.   V-8. 8 X 5 DD

 Nothing was said about price are if they will be out the same time the Vanquish is.


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If any of you want the Minelab Vanquish detector of all the place you going to find them is at Dick Sports. That is true and they had them for a while .

 I can just see some sales person there telling you everything you want to know about that Vanquish you thinking about buying.

 If you are a new kid on the block with a first time buy don’t look for any help.

 If Rob has any I haven’t seen the post.


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