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1 hour ago, spayderanch said:

Thanks for the replies you all... I've decided on a GB 2 instead of the v-sat.  Any Gold Bugs out there for sale ?

Way 2 cool... what have you got w/ the 2 coils ?

V-sat but I really don't want to ship that's way I asked your location.   You can't go wrong with either the GB-2 or the Whites goldmaster series.



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My first gold machine was the Whites V-Sat.....found over 120 small gold nuggets, largest 1.3 dwt. Super sensitive and built well. You can drop it and it keeps on ticking. The only trick is to learn to ground balance with coarse knob , than the fine knob while lifting the coil up and down. Otherwise its a fine and well capable any today. The iron disc needle worked flawless...and was very accurate..soo for the right price..100-200.its a great deal. 250-300 is pushing it 

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Hi Guys... Still looking for a nice V-sat detector , hopefully with a 10" DD coil.  Anybody got one they don't need any more ?

Also looking for an older Nugget Finder 16" XP coil.  These are a 3-spoke fiberglass coil with a switch ( XP to Normal).z

Please send me a PM if you have either of these for sale.  I don't check this site very often.

Thanks... Terry in Az


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