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There has never been a decent padded cuff cover for the SD/GP/GPX machines in my opinion.  So I decided to fix that.  There must be a gazillion SD/GP and GPX machines out there.

Here's the best cuff cover in the world, Model #SPX.  Lightly padded through out, nice wide comfortable strap.  We are now using high quality 3M product for all of our hook and loop (Velcro® like) applications.  The strap even has a fuzzy side mounted under the strap to protect you from chaffing from the webbing, provide cushioning and keep your arm cooler because it provides ventilation.

The arm cuff on the SD/GP/GPX is made of metal.  You have no idea the level of comfort this cover provides.  In addition, when you have a well fitting arm cuff cover it cradles your arm instead of letting your arm bang around inside the cuff.  I feels like, and actually does, give you more control over the detector.  It also makes you find more gold... (The last statement has not been approved by the FDA.)  🙂 Seriously, when you are more comfortable you are able to focus on hearing faint targets.

Rob will be carrying these because I just send him a bunch of them and charge him so he has no choice.  LOL.

The Price is $24.95.  Use this cuff for 30 days, if you think you can live without it after 30 days, return it postage paid, and I will refund your $24.95.

And for those of you that bothered to read this entire message, if you have an SD/GP/GPX, for the first two of you to respond to this post, "I have an SD/GP or GPX and I lay claim to Doc's new Nugget Stalker™ Model #SPX Cuff Cover."  Cut and paste it exactly as you see it in red.   I will send the first two responding to this post a free cover for you to field test and report back.

BTW re-design of the SAGA™ Swing Assist Guide Arm is coming along nicely.  It will be bullet proof.  The "G-Spot"  Gold Scoop is done I have received samples.  WOW!  I did a test of 25 pieces of 18 mesh gold in a scoop of dirt with water, using the G-Spot like a gold pan.  I recovered 24 of the 25 pieces.  As you know 18 mesh is the size of a pin head.  Just waiting for Chinese New Year to be over so they can ship them to me.


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4 hours ago, way2cool said:

"I have an SD/GP or GPX and I lay claim to Doc's new Nugget Stalker™ Model #SPX Cuff Cover."   


We have our second winner!

Wy2Cool, email me you shipping address at [email protected] and I will get it off to you today.

Thanks for playing!



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