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So I posted this on another forum but here it is anyways. I have had problems with one of my wm12 for the gpz. It was cutting in and out and I could barely hear it was it was "working." So I decided to try and fix it or throw it away. I took it apart while it was on and the problem became clear. There was black sand stuck to the magnet. I cleaned the connection then cleaned the magnet. Now it works like new. 


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Justin, just what the hell are you doing digging with your detector.  I've got an extra pick that you can have. That might save some wear and tear on your beeper bro.:P   Glad that you had the wherewithal to fix it and not trash it.  Any finds lately?   

   Old Tom

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Hey Cowkiller,

   Great information about the Wireless remote.  Most don't realize there is a small magnet on the speaker and when you place this wireless remote on the ground, it will magnetically pick up iron partials (black sands) through the small slots on the wireless remote and attach to the magnets speaker.  

Great to hear it's pretty easy to clean out if you experience this same issue. 



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