8 New Items coming from Doc's - Nugget Stalker® Brand

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I have a plethora of new items being manufactured right now. (Plethora, I don't get to use that word A LOT)  -Doc

Rob will be carrying all of these items and has #7 Gold Monster Covers in stock now in either the Olive Drab Green or the New Aussie Digital Green Camo.

1. The new Qwipple™ triple adjustment point shock cord bungee kit to be mounted on your favorite harness or hydration pack.
2. New Cover Set for the AXIOM, Head Cover Shade Cover, Body Cover and Arm Cuff Cover all done in the Digital Aussie Green Camo material
3. New Cover set for the Manticore
4. New Cover set for the Equinox 700 and 900
5. New Cover Sert for the Xterra Pro
6 New Cover Set for the GPX6000 in the New Digital Aussie Green Camo material
7. New Cover Set for the Gold Monster in the New Digital Aussie Green Camo material (IN STOCK NOW)
8. New Doc's Nugget Stalker soft real cowhide soft leather nugget pouch

#1. Let me tell you about the QWIPPLE™. Take the weight off while detecting. With less strain you will be able to detect longer and concentrate on subtle targets better.

• Top of the line custom made 50% stretch (most shock cord is 100% stretch) UV Protected Dacron Polyester Shock cord. Durable and tough. Control without all the bounce. This shock cord is specially made to my exacting specifications. This is necessary to withstand the rigors of metal detecting. I had to order 6200 meters to get this shock cord made to meet my requirements because it's not available commercially.
• Exclusive ambidextrous heavy duty shoulder clip that allows 1 handed easy height adjustment "on the go." Never miss a swing, no stopping to re-adjust. Attach either looped end to the rod and you can still adjust the height, because both sides of the clip have an adjustment groove.
• Amazing, rod bungee connection point fits any detector. You can also adjust the height of the detector here, or, simply use the loop end of the shock cord to attach. If you do like to adjust at the rod adjustment connector, no problem. When you are ready to lay your detector down in the dirt, don't take the clip off at the shoulder, this just allows your shock cord to lay in the dirt with your detector. Simply pop the shock cord out of the side of the rod adjustment device and leave your shock cord hanging on your shoulder high and dry and clean.
• Every QWIPPLE™ triple adjustment shock cord support system comes with a RING STRAP included. You can sew the RING STRAP onto your favorite support harness, backpack or hydration pack and you're all set.



2. Axiom Cover
2023-06-02 13.24.39.jpg
3. Manticore Cover
2023-06-02 15.05.29.jpg
4. Equinox 700 and 900 Cover
2023-06-02 14.55.05.jpg
5. Xterra Pro Cover
2023-06-02 14.11.59.jpg
6. GPX6000 Cover Set
2023-05-15 14.12.00.jpg
7. Gold Monster Cover, (IN STOCK NOW)
2023-02-06 15.25.43.jpg
8. New Leather Nugget Stalker® Gold Nugget Pouch
2023-06-02 13.35.18.jpg

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One thing about Doc he’s not going to put something on the market for sale until he knows he’s got it right.

 You know you got your monies worth when you buy a cover for that high dollar detector and you getting it from Rob with Doc’s name on it.

 I remember when the SDC 2300 first came out I bought one. Rob had a booth at a GPAA gold show and I stopped by to buy Doc’s cover for it before I went on to nugget hunt.

 Oh that SDC came from Rob to.

 You can’t go wrong with a great dealer like Rob and the same goes for the products he sells.


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