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Here is what I have found this past month. It was a slow start but with a ton of research and a few pointy fingers here and there, I have had my best month yet.

Here is a pic of my finds from So. California and one (bottom left) from Gold Basin, AZ


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Montana - Most of these nuggets are thanks to you! I started using some of the settings you had mentioned on another forum. Once I switched (mainly sens extra) all of sudden my luck doubled, I was hitting spots I went over in normal timings and was pulling gold out. Thanks for sharing.

matt - GPX 4500. Most of them (including the biggest ones) were found with a Commander 11" mono round a few with a Commander 18" round Mono and one (the smallest one there) was found with a Coiltek Joey. Anywhere from 2" to about 16" deep. The smallest is 0.22 grams, the biggest one is almost 7 grams.

Ridge runner - Thanks


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Hey DigDeep,

Well it's all done here in Vegas. When I get back home I'm hoping to hit the goldfields hard with the new lightweight Coiltek coils. Last month I did pretty good nuggethunting old patches for the time I was out there. I hit a bunch of Dwt pieces and smaller, but a couple of 5-6 grammers and even a nice 19 grammer at depth. Three short trips hitting old patches and I scored over an ounce of coarse gold nuggets.

Wishing you continued luck as the months go by.

Rob Allison

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