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Well Steve, if it wasn't for a very,very good friend of mine, I would have pulled the plug on my computor as of the first of the year. But now I'm committed for a year on this DSL contract. Or I pay a penalty of $250.00 for early canselation. So Your stuck with me. Grubstake

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Yeh, Jim. The Cherokee's were mostly from Georgia, the Carolina's and Virginia, and were marched on the trial of tears, my great Grandfather was on that march. To the Oklahoma terratory. now The Cherokee's are the riches tribe in the Indian Nations, thank to all the oil. And the white man thought they were just giving them barren land. Grubstake

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Yep, Guido, like the difference between running a Garrett Gold Stinger and running a GPX4000. Grubstake I had both detectors...I know what a bomb the Garret Gold Stinger was...I bought that POS back in 1994...That was a sad day! Guido

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Gary that Gold stinger is a coin machine in sheeps clothing. You ever notice how the government gives the Indians crap land until they realize theres some thing valuble there? I better stop before I pi## off to many people. AzNuggetBob

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Hey AzBob, Flakmagnet and Guido... Hah ha... There is a saying you never miss what you never had, 'er something like that ?...

One thing for sure, if you ever "beeped" a nugget with the Gold Stinger; it would be a good one... and a kite can get caught a jets

engine or whatever that thing'y is and cause it all sorts of unemaginable things

Now for Grubstake...I'm lucky to be on dialup... I type (slowly) with two fingers. Gosh, now that you are buzz'en

along faster than a speeding bullet, how will I ever be able to "I GOTCHA"?

Seriously Gary, I'm glad for you. Since we both have ancestors who were Cherokees in Georgia, if push comes to a shove we can

climb the highest local hill and send smoke signals to each other...

Now may all of you folks find lot'sa gold nuggets in 2010... Jim

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