Minelab Cheers Mate!

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Hello All,

Thought you would like to see some new Yellow stuff. Just goes to show it's still out there if you're willing to search for it. This batch here took a lot of hard work, but it was well worth it at the end of the day.

All found with a Minelab GPX-4500 & Coiltek Goldstalker Searchcoils here in the good old Arizona.

Just thought you would enjoy.

Rob Allison

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Hi Rob

Not half full not half empty WAY FULL!!!

Nice going.

Same here thanks for the fast shipment

I also am leaving tomorrow to test it out

at GB.

Best to You


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Hey Guys,

Thanks for all the comments on the gold nugget picture and fast shipping. I do my best to get the orders out the same day or next day at the latests. I know when I order something I want to get it soon, so I do the same with others. Thanks for all the continued business.

On another note, the nuggets in the Minelab Coffee Cup are from Arizona. It took a lot of hard work, but I'm not the sole owner, just part. I can't take all the credit, several of my partners helped out and it was a team effort. Without the team effort we wouldn't have those nuggets. Just goes to show what hard work and some research can do.

We are now in search for another patch or pocket.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Very nice Del. I did put a little thought into it but not to the degree you did. :D I was trying to anticipate void spaces but that truly is a WAG since gradation in not known or consistent. I guessed that with the void spaces removed you would end up with about 10 fluid oz. or 295.73 cubic centimeters x 19.3gm per cubic centimeter = 5707.59gm or 15.29 troy pounds. At least we did not start thinking about purity. :wacko:

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Funny Chris, I thought you might have put it into your software too since our estimates were close. No thought process on my part- Just extruded a cylinder to the average size of a coffee cup, assigned gold as the material, and did a Mass properties. It took about a minute. I figured since it's overflowing from the top this would account for some void spaces. As for the other uncertainties... that why I used the tilde(~)! ;)

I'd say my estimate is probably the maximum.


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