Minelab's New Customer Service SOS Number

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Hey Doc,

I agree with you. Minelab USA is doing everything right. It won't happen overnight, but they are taking small steps to get to their long term goal. For over a decade, they have built the best metal detecting technologies, but lack in customer service and repairs. There will be a time, not too far away, where Minelab will be able to say they have the best customer service, repair facilities and metal detecting technologies all in one statement!

In my opinion, Minelab is light years ahead of any other metal detecting manufacture, especially after what I heard at the Minelab Partners Conference in Vegas.

I'm very proud to be a Minelab partner!

Take care,

Rob Allison

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G'Day All, I have not sent a detector in for repair so I cannot speak on that, however I did have a problem with the twist lock on the shaft on my GPX4500 and lost the tear drop shaped washers while detecting dredge piles. I mentioned this to Gerry McMillen during a email conversation, he emailed Minelab Las Vegas and not long after that I recived a new upper shaft section and a ser af washers..This was at the time Minelab was making the move east....So my experience with Minelab service as well as one of their dealers has been on the very poaitive side..By the way there was no charge not even for shipping.....................................Idaho Al

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I wonder if you could "pin" this post to the top, or at least the contact number and the Manager's info it would be helpful for others that needs this number and info?

It took me a while to find this again, a friend needed the number for a problem he is having getting his detector problem solved, he has send the detector in to Minelab service, but they couldn't find anything wrong, but the problem is still reoccurring after it was returned.


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