a few more from the border

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I had a great weekend on the border line. took my grandad out for his second time ever he was getting the hang of his 5000 and digging out some small trash no nuggets yet though(he did find some old nice coins), and met up with Silver Dog Doug (doug kicks a$$) for a productive day. Heres my poke for the day


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Hey Border Boy,

Very nice! Are those your nuggets or Dougs?

Wishing you much more success.

Rob Allison

these are mine Doug scored 2 nice pieces of his own , they were found in deep iron infested bedrock holes with a coiltek joey mono

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Hey Borderboy

Most excellent!!!!

Hope you find more, and thanks for sharing.

Tell Doug congrats!

Have a Good One...Oh yeah you did!

Well have another.


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Great job!

Man, you got grandpa and grandma, mom, and dad, plus all 6 of the kids there,,,,,you relocated the whole family!!!!


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Hey Boarder Boy, glad to hear your grandpa is enjoying the 5000 he got from me. He and your grandma are great people, very friendly and old fashioned- honest. My pleasure to have met them. Say hi to them for me, and best of luck in the future!


Thank you on the detector these are priceless times we are spending together

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