Jake's first nugget

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I got out with my grandson and other friends yesterday for some summer detecting at Rich Hill and Jake got his first nugget! He was useing a Xterra70 with a 6" coil. Jake, started going with me about 3 years ago and has been very determinded is his quest for a nugget. He really has the fever now.

Dutch and Smokey as well as Larry, Randy and Karen also joined us for some fun in the sun. The temps were not to bad, about a hundred with a little breeze.




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Great stuff - enjoy every second of it. I would give any amount of something as common as gold for another opportunity to spend more time with my Grandfathers when I had the chance. I was too busy back then......doing what....chasing women, fast cars and booze??? Family, thats what life is really all about.

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Alright Jake!!!!!!

You know you can do it now, so keep swingin'

Good job Bunk for taking him with you...

Prickly Paul in NV

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  • Admin

Hey Bunk,

Congrats to your Grandson Jake and his first nugget find. Having good company like yourself is always a plus when you're trying to find gold. Great to see you out there, too bad we didn't get to chat more. It was a run and gun weekend for us.

Lets get together on what we talked about today.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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