2.5 OZR

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Heres a little beast to feast yer eyes on :blink:

Wow...you all are killing me!!!

Thats a beaut!!!

I got a drawer pull today..lol

Keep em coming!

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Heres a little beast to feast yer eyes on :blink:


You did it!!!

You finally got into the club. :)

Congrats man, you deffinently put in the time and effort to get that one.

Good deal.

Tom H.

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Holy Cow!!!!! How deep, what with ... Was it in the pounded areas? WTG! Cheers, Unc

Hey Unc, they're ALL pounded ain't they ???

Hit it in a wash, thought it was gonna be another rusty can or piece of metal.

Interesting signal at first, then after moving 3 good sized rocks from digging the hole the signal turned to aawww f#$% another large trash piece

(overload) at about 7-8 inches. Then I kept digging I was using the Ol Turdy-5-hundred with a 16" NF SL mono (love that analog) and even though

I cut a good sized hole I couldn't be quite sure exactly where the signal was from with the large diameter coil on.

So I called up the hill from where I was for Glenn and Mike to come down Glenn had a 5000 with the new 6x8NF coil on it so that was perfect for getting

a direction on the dig.

Once I got that I started digging deeper in that direction at about 12-14 inches I started taking big scoopfulls 1 at a time out and waving it over

Glenns coil

waiting for him to say signal or not. Then 1 scoop had the target and I dumped some into 1 hand and it was still in the scoop,

then I picked out this good sized rock out of the scoop and just before I waved it over his coil I looked at him an said Tell me you don't have a signal anymore thats what he said NO SIGNAL !!

WOWSA WOWSA, in my brain I knew I had something good then in my left hand a dirty rock that gave an overload,brushed it once with the other hand an saw a glint of color, thats all it took popped that baby in my big mouth and it came out a muddy hunk of gold an quartz.

Then the dancin started ,... I looked like the ol timer in Bogarts "Treasure of the Sierra Madre" jumpin an praisin Mother Earth !!!!

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