(Video) Pat Keene (Keene Engineering) pulls 2 oz'r out of the ground with GPX-5000

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Hey Guys,

He's using the older Pocket Rocket made for the GPX4000. The only problem I see is lack of audio, since you're giving away the added amplification with that older system vs. the newer Goldscreamer Power Pack.

Nice Nugget Pat!

Rob Allison

He also mentions having a wireless system for his headphones as well, but leaving part of it at home so who knows.....maybe it's just a tease and Keene are going to try to get a Minelab dealership franchise... seems strange for them to be pushing detecting as so great when they're usually dredge/sluice boys/dealers but with all the criminalizing of their usual business in Kalifooooooreeeeeneeea (and other States), who knows... They sell a lot of their dredge equipment overseas so I'm sure he's just doing a hobby video for himself but still seems strange... all their others are items they sell....(some I've purchased several of, such as their 176 Nome Beach Box and Super Concentrator).

Speaking of Keene, anyone have an RP-4 or Keene version (shaker table) for sale, I'm looking for another one.


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Hey Guys/Gals,

I know a few people using Bill & Linda's Battery System. I heard good things about it, but never personally used it. I have always been a huge fan of the Pocket Rocket and now the Goldscreamer Power Pack.

Bill and Linda are great people and have their own website. Contact them if you need to know more about them, or maybe Bill will post more details here about his system on a new thread.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Sheeesh, well that throws another item into the loop eh... interesting... anyone used one of Bill and Linda's systems? Thoughts?


I have one of Bill's systems. Works perfect. I bought one of the Eureka Worx covers and asked him to sew a pouch into the bottom of it for Bill's battery. Great setup. The battery fits under the detector and the amp fits in the side pocket. If I wish, I can use an external speaker and be completely detached from the detector. The reason I went this route was due to a trip I took to a remote spot in AK this last summer. I needed a bunch of batteries for the 2 weeks spent out in BFE. Batteries are cheap and I can get about 9 hours out of one of the 5000 mah battery. I ended up buying 8 batteries and the system performed flawlessly. Bill was fantastic to do business with and very helpful. I have been using this since April, no problems and I have added just under 5 oz to the poke.


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