Bering Sea Gold Question

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Hi Guys

The blokes on the TV show just seem to head out anywhere they please looking for gold with their dredges, are they

bound to leases, or is the ocean they dredge open ground and not available to be leased.

I somehow cant believe that its not leased ground, even though its off shore water, so are there lease rules for

these blokes or is it really open ground out there on the water, can anybody explain a bit of the Alaskan rules

that may cover this type of mining...

Thanks in advance

Pete B)

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Yes there are claims for dredging in the Bering Sea, the Alaskan DNR auctions off the claims when they're made available to the highest bidder, the winner can do whatever he likes with the claim, he can mine the claim, lease it, or sell it.

That being said there are 2 areas in the Nome area that are opened to the general public for dredging as well, but most of the areas are under claims,


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  • Admin

Hey Guys,

Like the other have stated, yes there are claims off the coast of Nome. There are no markers, pretty much GPS locations and owners can see from the coast where people are dredging. I have been to Nome a handful of times and it's a great place for real miners. What you don't see in the show is the amount of dredgers and people working the beach, there are hundreds of them spread along the beach and coast.

Rob Allison

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Hi All

i'm new and this it my first post/reply. have some links to pdf's from Nome for you. seems the state of AK is going to take more interest in what is going on in Nome.

"The DNR recognizes that compliance with permit stipulations will be increased with greater DNR presence. Therefore, the DNR will endeavor to provide greater presence in Nome during the mining seas. In addition to the DNR Miscellaneous Land Use Permit, suction dredgers may have to obtain permits from the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers and Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation. Operators will also be subject to the Alaska Coastal Management Program. Under the APMA process, however, the DNR will distribute miners’ applications to these agencies for processing and permitting."

So the last of the Wild West dies.


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Thanks Sun Eagle,

And welcome to the forum :) I hope those show's don't cause as much damage as Dave & New 49ers. did here in California :angry:


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