De Skunk..........

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Oh well...................

Went out today with dad and did a lot of detecting in Owl wash.

We drew a blank.........lots of lead and crap, but no yellow stuff.

Sucked up some areas we got gold out of and got one picker and some flakes.

Gotta say the weather was awsome today for being out in the desert :)

It was a good time out and its time to move on to another wash. :) 1 down.....300 more to go!

Tom H.

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Way up here in Peoria :)

Tom H

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Hi Tom

Good to hear it was a great day for you n pops and some gold in the poke as usual, no holding you 2 back :)

Great lookin bedrock mate, did Pop have a go on the GB2 also ?

What type a suction unit do you use on that hose mate.

Pete B)

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I ran the gb2 over the areas before sucking and after sucking and the dirt I shovel off the top.

Im using a husquvarna leave blower that I converted to sit on top of my old shop vac.

Thing really works good.


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I really like those yellow gloves.. How many bbs did the gb2 miss?

Missed 3 bbs

Tom H.

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  • Admin

Hey Tom,

Surprised there wasn't any color there. Hey, I think there was a couple of good nuggets that came from that wash! :o

P.S. I also received the email about the Coiltek deal. You just have to let me know what coil you want, pay double and then I will give you the discount. :P

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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