Blitz Scores Another

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Got out today with Big Ed and take advantage of the cooler weather. I was using the 14 x 9 Blitz coil and went back over an area that I had run many coils over in the past. The settings on the GPX 4000 were the same as with the other coils. Many of us have searched this small spot before but this time I heard a soft, clear target. Down about 10" out popped a nice 2.3 dwt nug. I really feal the Blitz coil made the difference as this spot was right out in the open. Love that coil.


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That sure is a nice nug! Congrats :)

Go out and geet some more!!!!

Tom H.

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Hi guy's,

I think its the fine work, Trevor, put into the Blitz coil. Me and Re-Pete, are using GPX 5000's. This ridge top patch, has put out over 8 troy ounce's. Mark was running his 4000 with Blitz coil & black Widow head phones, Smooth & quite machine and the Black Widow's, Me and Re-Pete, been using Commander 8" round, 11" rd, 11" DD rd, Coiltek Mini-UFO, platypus mono with our gpx 5000's and Doc's Gold-screamer power pack & speaker.

Take care, Ed

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