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Presently living in Florida, but am considering a move to somewhere out West.

Have been spending time trying to determine which method of recovery would provide the potential for return, where to begin prospecting based upon recovery methods and how to do so without intruding upon claims.

Am considering a small prospecting business in order to create opportunity and reward for those in need of income in this lackluster Economy. It would seem there is opportunity in prospecting... potentially. Keeping it simple, go where the GOLD is.

Looking over the VLF/PI detectors has been an interesting bit of due diligence as well - Have seen and read solid reviews on everything from Tesoro Lobo's, Fisher's Goldbugs to Minelabs GPX's. Trying to ascertain what makes the most sense for a beginner and not waste capital underinvesting in equipment.

Open to discussion, suggestions and reduction in learning curve here.

Believe there is immense potential, but need to further explore all dimensions on the curve.

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Hey Johnmac,

Welcome to the forums. There is a wealth of knowledge here on the forums. Fire away on your questions and we will see what we can answer.

On another note, some start with VLF's, others like to start with PI's. VLF's are much cheaper in price and will give you more frusterations starting, the PI's are much more expensive and will give you the edge.

Either way, the gold nuggets have to be there to find.

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Thank you Rob, just attempted contacting you via Skype at both numbers listed here on your website, sent you a contact email as well.

I gathered that Pulse Induction was likely the best for my needs, goals and objectives.

Although the GPX5000 appears to be the ultimate Detector at this juncture, I am new and would prefer to begin with something of quality, value and most importantly something that works well at depth without getting out over my ski's as a beginner. Do understand PI would be the proper choice and have reviewed a number of different options. I would like to support the forum and your operation and will be purchasing from you.

I am relying on your expertise and advice to select a good detector that will last for a long time to come, I may not need all the features of higher end detectors and realize I will be giving up performance as well, but there is a balance that should meet my needs.

Open to suggestions and look forward to your response as well as any recommendations the Forum will suggest.

The journey of a thousand miles has begun.

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Rob what is the best value in Pulse Induction you sell?

Are there any VLF's that can be configured for deep penetration with larger size targets?

Please let me know, I'd like to build up to a top of the line detector once I have a handle on prospecting, but for a beginner what is a solid detector that will meet my objectives.

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There are some ok vlfs out there, I think Coiltek makes a large round coil for the 705. There are some good hunters out there using vlfs but in my opinion dont waste youre time kicking around hot rocks get youre self a Minelab pi and pulse the ground!!

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Thank you Border, appreciate your suggestion. I looked at the 705 and liked it as a potential VLF as well as the Fisher GB Pro and Tesoro Super Lobo.

PI detectors… seems the consensus is just buy a GPX… I am still working through the risk/reward of this, reading first hand accounts of peoples experiences.

Do understand and agree, there are distinct advantages to pulsing, namely time and larger/deeper nuggets a VLF would miss.

Watched a few you tube videos as well and found them to be helpful.

Thank you again~!

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Have searched for a head to head comparison on VLF Detectors and cannot find one, mostly personal experience of individuals and their detectors. Somewhat surprised no one has done this, or perhaps they have and I can't find it.

The Gold Bug Pro appears to be a very good detector, I read on this forum there were some issues with coils on the Eureka Gold, so I am reluctant there. As for the 705, it is out of the running.

Rob suggested these 3, I am leaning towards the Gold Bug Pro with an additional coil - the 11' coil, my only reservation is it appear to run on aa's only, is there a rechargeable pack for it?

Thanks again to TrintyAu for sharing his experience. I will do the same as get out and about, it is very helpful to people new to prospecting and invaluable.

As far as PI detectors, my choices appear limited, the 4800 or the 5000. So it is down to there two, I believe the Minelab 3030 is not really for nugget busting, so it is out a well.

If anyone here has a 4800 and can share their experience, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance, this is exciting.

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This You Tube video was neat, gave a quick-start demonstration for the Minelab GPX -

In turn this convinced me the learning curve might not be as steep as I had assumed, so now it's simply a matter of of the 5000 vs 4800 and what those extra two features missing in the 4800 are and how relevant they are for my purposes.

Rob, you should do a video and put it out there, perhaps you can keep it exclusive to your customer base, but it would be a great tool for us new to this area of interest, I am sure it will only continue to grow~!

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Finally arrived at a decision on the first Detector (With Rob's assistance, so thank you Rob) - Minelab Eureka Gold with a Coiltek 15-inch Round WOT Waterproof. I settled in on this VLF for a few reasons, the 3 frequencies should provide more versatility and with the larger coil, improved depth. It appears to have the greatest depth and abilities of the 3 I narrowed it down to. Although Ray favors the GB Pro, and I understand why, I am going to try the MEG first, the 705 did not seem quite as good as the MEG, more selection of coils and an all around great machine, but the MEG struck me as the best of its breed. I could, of course, be entirely wrong, but these are my conclusions in speak to and observing a good deal of commentary on all 3.

As for the Pulse Induction side of life... it appears to be the GPX 4800 or the 5000, have to weight advantages of the 5000's 8 mode operation versus the 6 mode of the 4800 and whether I actually need these two additional modes.

I am just happy to have narrowed it down and feel my choice was a good one, one at least I am comfortable with at present. time will tell and as everyone correctly says... there has to be GOLD down there to begin with... and that is my goal, get on it and get it up~!

Thanks to everyone here who pitched in and made this process of discovery a joy~!

There appears to be nothing new on the horizon from Minelab in terms of an upgrade from the 5000. From what I have read and watched.... it does not seem as though there is a great deal of room for improvement, although I am sure they'll think of something~!

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Hey johnmac,

Good decision, I found a bit of gold with E gold. Dont discount older pi's like a 2100 or extreme we find alot of gold to this day with the old Minelabs.... Any Minelab pi will woop a$$ on anything out there,,

No offence to you vlf users especially you veteran gold hunters. You guys are just good with anything!!

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Believe it will work for me - a beginner. I like the Additional Coil as it is waterproof so that may some in handy for practice here in Florida.

If I could find an older PI, I'd be all over it, but they are hard to come by, just to learn the differences in operation, as I am itchy to learn and practice.

I wanted to try to stay with one manufacturer as well, Minelab appears to be as good as any other.

If there is an edge to be had, this seems to be it for now.

Thanks again for your help and comments, I appreciate it~!



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A CAMPAIGN to see Switzerland repatriate all its Gold Bullion held abroad is close to hitting its target of collecting 100,000 signatures as part of an attempt to trigger a referendum on the issue, according to Swiss press reports.

The Gold Initiative is calling for an end to sales of Gold Bullion by the Swiss National Bank, the storage of Swiss gold in Switzerland, and for gold to make up at least 20% of the central bank's assets.

Switzerland currently holds 1040.1 tonnes of gold, 11% of its total reserves, according to the latest figures published by the World Gold Council.

One suggestion being made is that the SNB could use its large reserves of Euros to Buy Gold. In September 2011 the SNB pegged the Swiss Franc top the Euro, arguing that its own currency was too strong, and promised to create "unlimited" amounts of Francs in order to buy Euros and maintain the peg.

The Gold Initiative has until March to collect the 100,000 signatures. The campaign is similar to one in Germany that recently saw the Bundesbank announce repatriation of some of its gold reserves.

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Back years ago when all I lived for was dredgin, I thought I would try my hand at some detectin.

I went out and bought a Whites GM4.

At that point it was the newest vlf model that whites had produced.

Just like Rob said, I got nothing but frustration.

I messed with it for about a month or so and then it went in the closet.

Very rarely after that did it come out in several years.

I just did way better at the end of a dredge nozzle and none of my buds were interested in electronic prospecting at that point.

After the BS cali dredge ban, I decided to give beepin another go.

After the GM, I knew I wanted a pulse machine. Whites had recently come out with the TDI and it was more affordable than the newer minelabs.

So I went that route.

I used the TDI for a few years, honed my skills a bit and found some decent gold. But the TDI just didnt have the depth and sesitivity I needed.

I finally decided to take the Minelab plunge, and boy am I glad I did.

I found a used 4800 and with half cash and half gold I purchased it.

Right off the bat I was finding gold in places I had already hit hard with the TDI.

I have been using it for about a year and have done well.

In my mind there is no substitute.

The GPX gives me confidence that every time I go out I have the best equipment available for finding those deep targets and the shallower ones that a vlf or even the tdi couldnt.

Well worth the investment.

Minelab GPX's are bad to the bone!!

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Retorted Thanks~! I am come to the same conclusion, there is no substitute~! Currently selling off most of my fishing gear to fund the Minelab 5000. Should not be more than a few weeks before I have it in hand, can't wait frankly.

Would really enjoy discussing dredging with you at some point, it is something I am considering down the road, really enjoy being in and around the water. Lived on a boat off and on in the islands for the past three years and miss it, but it's time to get back to work. So i'm trading the Trawler for a Motorhome and getting eared up to hit ground detecting, my son is interested as well, so I'm pleased he is showing interest.

Be well and thanks again for your comments, I greatly appreciate it~!

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Considering purchasing an RV for base of operations in order to stay out in field for longer periods and remain on good sites for longer periods as opposed to having to return a place of residence.

Figured it could carry more gear as well as provide storage for all sorts of equipment, unsure as to regulations regarding RV's, if there are any...

If anyone here has done this or is currently doing so... and you have any advice as to what makes sense in terms of Class of Coach and what works best.. I'm all ears.

Thanks in advance~!

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Would appreciate help with a list of things one needs beyond detectors and extra coils...

Pick √

Shovel √

I am certain there is a great deal more, extra Battery packs are most likely a good idea.

Trying to make a punch list of the "tools of the Trade" and looking for assistance.

Thanks in Advance~!

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Considering purchasing an RV for base of operations in order to stay out in field for longer periods and remain on good sites for longer periods as opposed to having to return a place of residence.

Figured it could carry more gear as well as provide storage for all sorts of equipment, unsure as to regulations regarding RV's, if there are any...

If anyone here has done this or is currently doing so... and you have any advice as to what makes sense in terms of Class of Coach and what works best.. I'm all ears.

Thanks in advance~!


Dad and I just bought one last year. Its the best thing weve done in a long time!

Its a 25 foot Jamboree.

Its a buyers market for those things right now so you should be able to get a sweet deal.

Just take your time and get the right one.

Most have low miles on them.

I shopped craigslist for about 4 months.

If your not a smoker....make sure you get one thats not been smoked in. You will regret it in the summer if you dont.

They can stink!

Make sure the guy shows you that everything works on it.

Look for leak damage from the windows and roof. Especially in the top bunk over the cab.

Climb up top and look at the roof to see how well its sealed up.

They all get horid gas milage. We get 8 MPG...but its worth it.

As for regulations.. I dont know. We will spend 3 days at a time out in the field and no one has bugged us.

Good luck and be paitent.

Tom H.

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