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Hello all, I got in the water today and did some sniping behind a large outcropping of bedrock in the center of the stream. I had found a few nice nuggets last year with the GB Pro on the down side of this outcropping and that is what made me to decide to use a mask and snorkle this year. I dropped back about three feet and started to clear the cobbles and gravel off the level to climbing bedrock. I had about four square feet of bedrock open and had the area clear except for about one inch of a creamy color clay that was studded with purple hematite, this was lying on the surface of the bedrock. I sifted and raked the clay until I could fan the water again. As the water cleared and the bright sun shone in the hole I could see small pieces of gold on the bedrock. I thought that there was a bit more than what I ended up with. When I had it all cleaned up and in the sniffer bottle I sat on the bedrock and ate my apple.The gold came in at 2.7 grams, ( 1.7 dwt for Shep ). It is pretty gold with nice character.

I still have a few more spots that I found with the GB Pro last year that I still have to clean out. It sure is nice being able to lay in that cool water with the high today at 109 degrees. Heres some pictures, my friend Robert found a few small pieces.

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Nice palmfull of gold, Ray, and great character, too! Looks like a relaxing way to spend a warm summer day ... Miss my old days up on Sugar Creek wallowing around on my belly and popping nuggets out of the cracks! .. Thanks for sharing ... Cheers, Unc

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Damn Ray.. You never cease to amaze me! Love it.

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