Hour talk with Jim Straight on phone

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Hello All,

Today Jim Straight and I talked for a good hour, maybe two on the phone. We talked about our friendship since the early 90's up to recent events like the forums and gold price today. Jim was so excited to talk and in very high spirits. He wanted to let everyone know he can't get on the computer or access any forums at this time as he is in a wheel chair and hurting. He said he is getting a lot of letters and responding back to them. Jim loves to write, something he has been an expert at for decades.

He said he was thankful for having forums like Bill Southern's and mine to post on. I know he really misses getting on the forums and reading what we have to say. He also wanted to let me know again that both Bill Southern and my picture were on his piano. He also wanted me to tell AZNuggetBob he thought he was a wealth of information and felt he knew more than most Geologist on Epithermal deposits! ;)

That being said, Jim did mention he didn't know if he would ever walk again. However, he said that would never stop him, but wanted to let everyone know he will think positive and that anyone can overcome anything if they think that way.

Jim has been a long time mentor to many, including myself. He is a living icon in the prospecting, metal detecting and mining field.

I told Jim I would post this and he encouraged it.

Please place Jim Straight in your prayers. He could use some speedy recovery!

Rob Allison

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Thanks for the update Rob:
Jim. I wish you the best sir. You are also a wealth of info. to us newbies.

Hope you get up and around soon.

Positive thoughts and prayers for you.

Tom H.

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Guest sandtrap

If you need some desert air to recuperate in, my "tailgate" is always open to you Jim.. Maybe when it cools off a little, eh?. I should be coming down that way in a few weeks.. I will check in on you ..............................Your humble student :P

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Yes Jim is having some issues and prayers are going his way from my house and heart. Funny thing is I have his picture up as well in my shop because if it were not for his encouragement and books I may still be looking for that first nugget....

None of us are growing any younger, heal fast my friend..... Bill

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Hey Bill,

Great talking with you on the phone. Jim really praised you and couldn't think you enough allowing him to post on your forums. We all know Jim Straight is a wealth of knowledge, a true prospector and retired Geologist. Over the years Jim has been one of the well-known, probably best all around contributors to the prospecting Magazines such as ICMJ, GPAA, Western & Eastern Treasure, Lost Treasure and more.

I found his articles in the ICMJ as some of the best on prospecting and geology, not sure why he isn't writting for them anymore. If you can learn to really read and understand what Jim is telling you, it can be very rewarding. Jim has a way of almost writting or hiding a treasure map in his words, pay close attention to what he is really telling you! :o

I will say it again, like I have a million times, Jim Straight is one of my mentors. A true american prospector, geologist and teacher at heart! We have been long-time friends for many decades. Without his books, articles and all-around willingness to help others be successful, I wouldn't probably be doing what I'm doing now.

P.S. Bill I still remember one of our first trips to Quartzsite range. I had that fairly new 2000 GMC 4x4 with stock tires and we blew one on the way in and then another I believe later. We both were thinking we might not get out, but rather might be walking if we didn't tread lightly. Some good old times .....

Rob Allison

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Rob I gotta tell ya Jims books are top shelf in my library. I really cant say were I would be today without what Ive learned from Jim.

But I do know I would have missed a lot of gold. Jim is a very sharp guy on geology and I think understands how many types of gold deposits were formed,

especially the medium to low temperture Epithermal desert hardrock deposits and of course eventually placer deposits that are fairly common here in the U.S.A. and Australia..

I have not hunted Australia but I have found his knowledge of geology and his theories are correct and have helped me find a lot of gold here in the U.S.A. and from what Ive seen and read the deposits are very simular in Australia.

And thats just the geology side of Jim. He is a wealth of other information on the desert in general not to mention a class A treasure hunter. Ive learned some great treasure hunting secrets from him and in his books as well.

Get well soon Jim we all miss ya around the forums. :) AzNuggetBob

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hey everyone... I will get better!!! I will be walking again... Keep positive. jim

(ps...smoky named me tailgate...) more later. (dutch john a mountain north of

Pioche where as a youngster I spent much of my early years in a depression day

primitive mining camp in the early 1930's.)... jim

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