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Hey Gary I confess... I was suspended in the first grade for writing backwards; but now I can write forward

Had to take it over again. Golly adam, I really feel your pain... Were you chewing gum or forgot to being your

pencil or your book? .... jim

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I got suspended for a few days in the third grade for being a poet ... The Washington Grade School principal on 7th Street in McAlester, OK, name was Greer ... I made up a rhyme: "Old man Greer can kiss his own rear" ... That was the freaking end of the world ... Teacher conferences, school nurse (didn't have psychologists on payroll back then) ... Got a whooping from my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Hughs, with a paddle and again when I got home with a belt and had to miss three days of school ... Instilled a love of poetry in me to this day!!!! :wub: Cheers, yer Unc in the Dubyah!

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I got you all beat....I got expelled in my sophomore year! DOH!

I still turned out half way normal.

Tom H.

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I was suspended a few days prior to graduation my senior year in high school. Several of us were caught drinking on the class trip to NYC where you could buy booze when 18 years old. The principal relented and let us graduate on time but it was touch and go there for a while. I thought we were destined to repeat the 12th grade.

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HAH... The worst "suspended" is on a rope for cattle rustling. Back in 2008 I was parked at Pogues Station, a site on BLM

managed open range seeking possible old coins and a rancher with a highpowered rifle visible in a scabbard across

the hood of an open military jeep become interested in me... I was parked on the side of a gravel road and all I carried was a detector... My ride was a 2001 Malibu... He was most interested in my Malibu trunk and I opened it while saying... "Hey,

I stopped off at this site while returning from my 60th class reunion at White Pine high school in Ely and I ain't a low-down dirty rustler...

Without a word he took off in a cloud of dust... Gosh I was just an older guy swinging a detector; but I was parked on the side

of open range with a Malibu that if the back seat was removed the trunk was spacious and could carry a small heffer or the hind

quarters of a full grown one... and I had California plates... So I must warn any rustlers out there to be extra careful as the

ranchers are losing both cattle and sheep and they are not shy to .... (you can finish this sentence)

returning home f

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:lol: Never been suspended. But in primary school, grade 5 me and another kid were told we were selected to go on a camp. We thought we must have been really special if just 2 of us in the whole school got to go. Turned out to be a camp for kids that were seen as troubled :lol: I wasn't troubled, I was as happy as could be. We did have some nutter teachers though who must have thought there was something wrong with me. At the camp I was in dorm with about 15 other kids, it was awesome, like something out of a movie, I kid you not. The other two dorms or camp houses were kids from rich schools, we were from the everyday schools. Was so funny ill never forget it. It was us against them. There was this real cool chinese kid in ours we called sumo, for obvious reasons. One day a rich kid came into ours and started calling us names, he boiled, said nothing and ran flat out at him and squashed him into a wall like a pancake with his stomach, he dropped like a rag doll :lol: I loved that camp. :D

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