Little nugget from the other day

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Finally got out to detect the other day after taking a break since January. I even had my GPZ 7000 for sale at one point a couple months ago. After a few buyers flaked out on sending payment I got a little frustrated and ended up keeping it.

Found a little half grammer a couple inches deep down in the red clay. I clearly remember detecting the exact same area last year just a few feet away. Goes to show you never know what you'll find under the next swing.

Weather was great that day too. Love this beautiful area in southeast Arizona.



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Nice nugget dood!  Cool pics.
Thanks for sharing.

Tom H.


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Yes I do like the humm of the GPZ. A friend brought out a Gold Monster the other day and just seemed so unstable. Beeps and targets everywhere. I do prefer the PI/ZVT style of detecting, just listening for the little changes in the threshold.

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Here ya go Rob, with a couple other pics I took.

Nuggets were hard earned, little over a gram total. Wash had been detected hard by a couple skilled detectorists with a GPX and a Gold Bug 2.

Were classic GPZ nuggets, small, deep and in difficult ground.

Outing was a lot of fun but damn do I hate those crappy roads out there at LSD ?





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  • Admin

Hey Tortuga,

   Ya, those are classic GPZ nugs.  No question the GPZ can find them little buggers deeper than the GPX or any other detector.  That being said, I can also say they find the much larger nuggets that others technologies have missed. :D

P.S.  What about the most recent additions?  Stop holding out .... hehe ... 

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