Discovery of "Lost Gulch" Gold Placers

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Hello All,

   It's been a bit slow here, seems like many of the forums have shut down or slowed way down.  You would think with the price of gold currently, more people would be chasing it, but I'm sure with all current unknowns with the economy and government, many are holding their money tight right now. 

That all being said, early this season I decided to start prospecting again with the Minelab GPX 6000.  I had some areas in mind that were areas outside of the known gold locations that are documented in many books, reports and now the internet.  The Geology was very similar in some of these locations, but nothing documented nor any real gold mines in the area.  After several weekend days of searching and exploring, I found a small gulch with some very old handstacking in.  Once I located this, I knew it was some type of gold placering, but you never know if it was just fine gold, nuggets or a combo of both.  I fired the Minelab GPX 6000 on and within just a few swings within the handstacked area on bedrock was my first target.  It was a nice, small shiny nuggets laying right on the bedrock.  I knew after this find, the area has never been detecting, at least in recent years.  

I worked the area for several days picking up nearly 40 nuggets for over 12 Dwts of gold.  I have been back a few more times since the recent picture and found over an ounce of gold nuggets for nearly 75 nuggets total from this small, unknown gulch I named "Lost Gulch."  

Just goes to show, it's still out there for anyone willing to spend the time searching, which will include many days of finding nothing.  I'm excited to explore more in this area, as I know there are other spots just like this around.  The Summer kept me from going back, so I'm sure with the recent rains and now the much cooler weather it's time to get back and see what else might be left behind hidden.  

You never know when you're going to find one of those lost, overlooked gulches out there!  Wishing you all a very successful 2024 gold season.




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Very Nice! Thank you for sharing, this is so interesting I hope you have time for a few questions. 

Did you detect all of the gold nuggets or were some nuggets recovered by placering and detecting? 

I realize it was more than one hike, likely many, but after you located the area how far did you hike from the nearest road? 

In your 40hr a week work are you often in remote areas? 

Last question. Can you share any videos? 


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Hi Guys,

   Fishing8046 - All the nuggets you see were found detecting, no placer has been done yet.  There is no doubt, after placering sections more nuggets will be found.  The gulch had exposed bedrock in sections, but also other sections that had anywhere from a few inches to a few feet of gravel.  This spot was remote, found it by hiking over several hills, so no road real close.  That being said, many years ago a partner and I found a wash, right off the road that yielded probably 500-600 nuggets.  Many believe if a road is close by, then it's been hammered or no gold is there, WRONG!  

I try to get off the beaten path when I can, but that don't guarantee gold.  The gold has to be there, whether it's right off the road or 20 miles in.  What remote might guarantee is less traffic (metal detectors), less trash in some spots and in some cases if the gold is there, you might be the first guy on it.  

I have a Youtube Channel, but haven't uploaded or taken any videos in over a year, if not longer.  I need to find a better camera and a faster way to upload high-res videos.  It was taking my 4-6 hours to upload videos to Youtube from my camera, so I got frustrated.  My Internet is very slow, really low upload speed for videos.  

For anyone that has not seen my Youtube channel, you can view, like, subscribe here - We have 106 Nuggethunting videos.

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Nugget hunting is not a lazy man's game.  I go days and days without gold.  But all of that fades away when you find your "Lost Gulch".  I also prefer to hike way out away from the roads.  If I am worried that nobody will find my body, then I am probably looking in the right place. 😄

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