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Hello Everyone,

Rob's Detector Sales will be closed from Thursday, the 24th until Tuesday, the 28th of October. <_<

We are getting married in Las Vegas on Saturday, the 25th.

After 15 Years, I finally got him where I want him!! :spank:

Everybody take care and happy hunting. My hunt is over!!


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15 years ??? I had no idea it took that long to get a marriage license in Las Vegas. I was always led to beleive you could walk right in and get one while you wait. See, there you go, you learn something new every day.

Conratulations you two!

Doc and Diana

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Dawnie & Rob

good luck to you both some times it is the best to wait before jumping in this way you know it will last a life time Lisa and I did 29 years ago and more to come stay safe


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  • Admin

Hello All,

Dawn and I are now in Vegas having a great time. I've had some decent luck at the Roulette table this evening and Dawn didn't do too shabby at the slots. Tomorrow most of the Family and Friends will be arriving. I guess I have to get ready for a late night tomorrow.

Thanks for all the comments.

Rob Allison

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Sounds like you and ROB are a pair of ACE'S to me! Good luck and I hope I get to be around when your celibrating your 20th, and your both retired and just detecting instead of working your butts off. Grubstake That would make me 80 years old then! I should live so long!

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