Black Hills Gold Nugget might sell for $100,000?

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Hello All,

Seen this link on another forum and found it interesting. Anyone want to purchase a 5 Troy Ounce gold nugget from Arizona for $100,000? :glare:

Here is the story with the nugget and video -


There's gold in them there hills!

That's exactly what a couple of prospectors found while panning for gold in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Charles Ward and Byron Janis found the largest surviving, uncontested, gold nugget in 120 years, which is now on display at the Journey Museum in Rapid City.

The hefty piece of gold is 2.14 inches long and weighs 5.27 troy ounces.

The prospectors sold the piece to the owner of a clock shop in Rapid City.

Ward said it's hard to explain uncovering such a treasure.

"You know I pick it up and look at it and my heart gets a going … and his face lights up and then we know we've got the real deal and right after that you know we just do a little dance in the creek there with water up to our knees and then we break out the cigars and call the wives," Ward said.

While they would not release how much it sold for the owner of the clock shop Chris Johnson said he may eventually be able to get a $100,000 for it.

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