GOLDEN DIAPER CLAIM gives a little more

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Hey all:

Well Dad and I went out to the Golden Diaper claim today to do some more digging and detecting.

I couldnt stand it and had to get out before Sun. I was having visions of easter egg nuggets.

We did a LOT of digging. Got some nice gold out of it.

I found two up on the side of the creek and all the other little guys in the gut of the creek.

The bigger one was found on top of a rock of all places. It was only covered by about 1/2 of gravel in a very small area.

So.....from now on I will detect the top of rocks!

Dad and I decided to do a special photo so you can see just what goes on up there :)

Got a total of 3 grams today. Good day out and got lots of exercise.

Next weekend....Rich hill.

Tom H.

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Hey Tom,

I also like the last picture. Most importantly you are out there with your Father having a great time and getting some color. I'm sure there are many ounces of smaller gold if you spend your time working it. Can't wait to see what you turn up next. Wishing you both much success.

Rob Allison

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Srry..i missed this post.

They were found with the 5000.

Im still trying to get used to the GB2 and what targets sound

like through mineralization.

Tom H.

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