Special Thanks to Rob from Jim Straight

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:) Due to the passage of time and the passing of many of those involved, I will let the "cat

outa the bag" and bury it. Actually while my books and many articles have sorta made me

a little "pocket money," it has been being a small mining consultant and a "go fer" for several

well known high-dollar Mining consultants such as Mr. Arthur Baker lll, and Vernon Scheid well

known at the Mackay School of Mines. This was back in the period of around 1975 and as

late as 1982... Moreover, due to their recomendation I taught a prospecting class for the

University of California Riverside Extension.

Three of my consulting jobs were "big-buck" and one involved over two million $ and others

were of lesser importance, but back then while I was not registered my observations were

under the signature of those who were and for this I was paid pretty well and claimed this

as income tax.

Also over the years not only was I a graduate of the Mackay School of Mines with a B.S

in Geological Engineering (0ld School 1954) but also held an ROTC commission and

completed the 120th EOBC at Ft Belvoir VA in 1955. Then off to active duty state side

as with the Corp. of Engineers as a platoon leader in a Combat Engineering Battalian

which was deactivated and then I was reassigned to an advanced training unit... The

second eight weeks of individual advanced basic training. Over the remaining 19 months

of my active duty assignement I started as a platoon leader; then executive officer (which

I hated as I was the bad guy); then WOW... reponsibility galoore... A company commander

while still a jr. officer (2nd/Lt) as I took my responsiblity seriously. Through out my tour I

spent much of my time in the field and I was not a S* Ass; I got along great with the

"regulars" who were making the military their career.Then I spent the rest of my military

obligatation with an artillary unit and was officially discharged in 1962. A cold war veteran

never overseas... just stateside...

However, my active duty was from March 1955 to March 1957... Bad time as mining was in

the doldrums... copper was a drag and no jobs for a dumb ol' geologist with only a BS as

those with Phd's couldn't find a job... So I became involved with the California state hyw

and became invoved as a soil engineer (non-degee) which has beem most helpful to me

in my books and articles. I specialize in epithermal precious metal deposits of pliocene-

miocene time forming eluvial placers and how to metal detect them...

Rob is selling my book Vol; 3 7th edition. He gets it direct from Plateau Company in St.

Louis Mo. and it is getting to be widely known as a reference book and now getting more

and more popular as I said it first such as using a jefferson nickel and the DD searchcoil

and other stuff that now has stood the "test of time" and I also thank Chris and Bill for

their kindness over the last 30 plus years... More later... Merry Chrismas and may 2013

be GOLDen.... Tailgate jim straight

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Hello All,

Well it's not any secret that my "good friend and mentor" is known around the World for his books. I have personally sold hundreds of copies throughout the World, some even to people in Africa involved in some of the more modern day gold rushes.

Way before I started swinging a detector in the early 90's, I spend a lot of time dredging, drywashing, sluicing and panning throughout Arizona. At that time (and still are), the most informative books were written from Jim Straight. His books helped me in every step of the way.

That being said, still to date, Jim Straight's books sell 10 to 1 over other books I carry.

I'm honored to know Jim as long as I have and to be able to sell his wonderful books & booklets.

Without two major mentors, Jim Straight & Richard Doherty, I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing now.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Rob Allison

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Rob... Richard and Dorthy... the famous Gold Dust Twins. They were quite a well known

team at all of the GPAA gold shows and distributed Minelabs... Though Richards efforts and

knowledge, the GT-16000 became a well known gold detector. It was through Richard that

my early 'Follow the Drywashers' became known. Richard put a copy of it in each box that

he sold, well over to hundred copies.

Actually Richard is also my mentor. His ability to use almost any detector, such as the bashed

Fisher Gold Strike and find a quantity of placer gold with it is legendary.

Rob, it is through you that Volume 3, seventh edition of follow the drywashers aka " THE

NUGGETSHOOTER'S BIBLE" continues to sell so well. Joe at Plateau Company told me

you just ordered more from him. Actually I'm amaized it is doing so well as it is getting 'long

in tooth' but I'm told that it is a great reference book and has withstood the test of time.

Actually it is through the many others that I mention throughout the "Bible" that have made

the "Bible" what it is... It is though others such as Floyd Allen, Richard Doherty, Kay Modgling.

Larry Sallee, Willie Merrell and many others mentioned throughout all of the editions of the

Bible ... and you too Rob; that has made the Bible what it is.

For those of you who have a copy of the latest edition; in the last paragraph on page 300

I give tribute to my lovely wife, Gloria (11/17/33 - 12/18/12), who has now put up with me for

over 58 years. She passed away peacefully in my arms at home just last week.

Thank you, Gloria, for your understanding. And thank all of you who

have bought my books from Rob. And thank you Rob for selling them.

Tailgate jim straight

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Hey Jim,

Well I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I didn't know Gloria passed away. All of our thoughts and prayers are with you my friend. We both know Gloria is now with our great Lord, which Son was born today on Christmas day.

I never got to meet Dorthy (Gold Dust Twins), but Richard talked about her a bunch. He said she was one of the best nuggetshooter's he's ever seen. At that time, Richard was with Patricia, so it was probably hard for him to talk about another Lady or partner, but he did at times when I mentioned the "Gold Dust Twins."

Richard had an amazing way of teaching and talking with others. I would have never been as successful, maybe not even detecting now if it wasn't for his help early on. Richard spent endless hours helping me understanding metal detecting for gold, what to look for and all the techniques that might have taken me years to learn on my own.

I still remember him telling me you have to "believe in the gold." Sometimes he would say stuff that would puzzle me, but later I would come to realize he was talking about believing in myself and having the ability to find it. That was more than half the battle was believing you could do it. It was a great loss when I heard about his traggic death in Rock Springs, Arizona. I think about the guy a lot when I'm roaming around the hills, thinking if I could of had just one more hunt with him, I could have told him how "Thankful" I was for all of his help. I'm sure he knew it and seen it when I found gold, but sometimes you just want to tell a person more that has helped you so much.

P.S. Richard did talk about you a lot Jim. He really fealt you were one of his early on mentors with your early publications.

God Bless Jim Straight and Richard Dorothy, my friends forever!

Rob Allison

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Rob... Down Memory Lane... gentler times and fading memories. I was next booth to

Elizabeth (Not Dorthy... a senior moment) at one of gold shows (this is after she and

Richard separated). Elizabeth was dressed very nicely and wearing high heel shoes

while demonstrating the GT- 16000 and selling them too. I was amaized at her stamina

and attention to detail as she never sat down or lost her concentration to the task.

I also got to know Hoss Blackman well. We became good friends and went out detecting

(he was them at the Duesnburg LDMA and selling Minelabs like "hotcakes.") At this time

he was living at Meadview and making and selling videos... Remember "Chip" Privett?;

known as "Roust-A-Bout "... another Minelab dealer... Reno area... Chip really could make

his Minelab sing a most happy tune as he used what he sold and found gold with it.. this

I know as I went out with him several times... sadly he passed away with heart problems.

Then there was a whizz-bang minelab dealer who found lotsa meteorites (and also gold

at Imlay)... A young and very atletic "youngster" who could jump over the brush while

detecting... his name was Scott Rice... Terrible, cancer hit him hard. We exchanged phone

calls for awhile... I hope he is still with us...

Then there is another whizz-bang minelab dealer who was known as Rob's Detector Sales

back in the 1990s... His name is Rob Allison (anyone know him) and he was in Phoenix and

while we never met... but have become good friends... more later... Merry Chistmas All,,, jim

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Hey Jim,

You are right, it was Elizabeth. Funny, my Grandfather that was a huge inspiration for me to get into mining knew about them. He had one of their old brochures that I found at his house after he passed away in the early 90's. I've moved about 3 times, so I'm sure I've lost the brochure since I haven't seen it in years. I'm hoping one day I will go through some old boxes and find it.

Richard doherty was going through some tough times, his long time partner Patricia was diagnosed with "Hip C" and shortly before that his long time hunting parter, Fugual Floyd Allen passed away on Christmas day. Two days prior to his death, I was at Rock Springs talking with him as he was down in the dumps and drinking. He told me then I was one of his closest, loyal friends and it brought tears to my eyes. We were both able to cheer each up a bit and then talked about writing a monthly newsletter about gold prospecting. When I left that day I felt his spirts were uplifted and everything was going to be ok. Several days later I received a call about his death at Rock Springs.

Like I mentioned, Richard felt Jim Straight was not only a mentor, but an icon in this hobby of chasing gold.

More to come ....

Rob Allison

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I thank all of you for giving support in my loss of my best friend and a very loving wife

over 58 wonderful years. THANKs

Rob... I still have one of the Gold Dust Twins early business cards. They were then

at Rock Springs their mailing address was a PO Box in Rock Springs. As you may

remember I hunted with Floyd in the Eugene Mountains back when the Burns brothers

Truck Stop was a well known "watering stop" for the full-timers at the Mill City off ramp.

It is said that Floyd (by Rod Johnson author of Secret gold nugget patches of

Arizona Vol 2) that Floyd was known as the father of nugget hunters in the Bradshaw

Mountains . On page 9 Rod mentioned that "Floyd brought over to me [Rod] a

whole pouch full of gold nuggets (about $125,000.00), so that I [Rod] could put them

on my [Rod] on the front page of my [Rod] website... "

Rob, It was a terrible loss to the members of the "nugget hunting fraturnity" when Richard

passed away; and I know he was a great friend to you... Maybe Richard is indirectly that

brought you and I together?

Rob More to Come.... jim

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Funny how the generations unfold as the years pass. You guys get me all chocked up talking about Richard and Floyed. Talk about a stroll down memories lane. I meet Richard when I was very young and he taught me the ropes to gold prospecting as I got older and started working I was able to afford a metal detector! Remember the "FISHER GOLD STRIK" and the good old "MINELAB SD2000". I remember going out almost every weekend hunting with Richard. It was through Richard I fell in love with prospecting and meet many wonderful people along the way like Glenn, Jim Straight, Floyd, Bradshaw Mountain Fred, Miner Bob just to name a few.

I'll never forget the phone call I received from Patricia the day Richard left us. Not only did I lose a near and dear friend that day I lost interest in prospecting for a while.

It was Richard who Introduced me to Glenn and eventually to Rob. I have Richard to thank for my 2 very best prospecting partners and lifelong dear friends. The prospecting world is so tightly intertwined when you step back and look at it the phrase "it’s a small world" really does apply.

Thoughts and Prays from my family to yours.

Brandon .

No intention of high jacking your post you just walked me through many good years with all the names and history.

Does anyone know what eventually happend to Patricia when she moved away we lost touch and to this day I wonder. Please PM if you know the rest of the story. Thank you.

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Gold Seeker and all who have givin me support regarding my loss... Gloria was strong and

a loving wife, mother, grandmother and greatgrandmother. She also had a PdD in education

and was a well known reading specialist, program manager and gave presentations on

reading, not only in CalifornIa, but also in such places as New Orleans, Atlanta, and else

where and was a team leader in evaluating schools in northern California. Ha, I'm known

as Gloria Straight's husband. Her success eclipes mine... I guess my "success" is that

I encouraged to "go for it" and was pleased to be in her shadow. Not only was she a

teacher's teacher, she was also a gifted teacher at heart and the last few years of her 30

plus career she was very happy to go back in the classroom and teached kindergarden and

the first grade... and she was very successful in using methods so that "her kids" loved to

read and had a strong foundation to continue throughout the years. Proud and happy I be

to be part of her life over 58 grand years.... memories I have...

Hey Brandon... I remember you well... You were just a kid who was gifted to become a great

gold placer "vacumn cleaner" nuggetshooter... Brandon... Everyone who wishes is most happy

to post good stuff on whatever they wish. God Bless All and "and join us around the camp

fire" and help us keep the Good Times and Memories coming on whatever you wish...

"Tailgate" jim straight

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Jim, I am very sorry to hear of your loss. I enjoyed talking to your wife the few times that I did, being reminded all the time that I should e-mail rather than call so you could hear. We talked of you on several occasions and I would say that neither you or Gloria eclipsed one another. I have a friend in education that worked with your wife many years ago and he put her on a pedestol. I, my friend, put you on that same pedestol as you are a living legend that has helped more people than you will ever know. Both you and Gloria tower amongst the masses. I personally thank you for giving me direction a few times the last couple of years. Take care, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS

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My prayers are with you in this time of loss.

Though we have never met, I have several of your books and have read your posts on the forums over the last several years. Your knowledge and the desire to share it with our community is appreciated by many.

I hunt in the Randsburg area, (RMMA and surrounding areas), as it is near me. It is a peaceful feeling there.

I find myself often thinking, I wonder what Jim S. would say about this or that.. Rock, hill, gully, was he ever in this wash or on that hill ? The musings of a wonderer.... :glare:

So Thank You Mr. Straight for all you have done for so many of us, please know you are respected and cared for by many.

God Bless You,

Jeff Goddard

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Hello Everyone... This thread is getting to be one of great camraderie and of fellowship, really

neat and badly needed during these uncertain times. It is nice to read and reread all of it. A

bunch of guys... where are the gals? (common don't be shy) gathered around this 'elecronic'


Ray... it is true that I'm pretty hard of hearing and know Gloria fielded many messages for me.

We... all of us are involved in many ways in togetherness such as Gloria and your friend in education.

This is the way it should be.

Howdy Jeff.... I have also drywashed and detected in what is now known as the Rand Mountains

Management Area. I also wonder about much of the mineralogy and geology of the area too. There

are several shafts in the washes and I think of the dedication and effort some of the oldtimers had

to dig them and work them by driving off laterals to work any paystreak...

I'm aways glad to see Jim McCulloch posting good stuff (He has hunted with some of the Greats over

the years such as Terry "T" Bone. For those of you who plan on going to the GPAA 'gold show' next

month at the Fairplex next month stop by Jims booth to give Jim and 'Hawkeye' a howdy and check

out their display.

I also thank all of the others who have posted on this "thread": Skip, Brandon, Uncle Ron, way2cool,

Oakview2, Frank c, mario, supralfly and others as this thread is not mine... but also everyone else

too... especially Rob is paying the bills for the forum and subforums.... more later... jim

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This thred started out as I read it about a complement to Rob and rightfully so. Ive known Rob for many years and I have to say he is a great detector dealer, and an excellent nugget hunter, one of the best I know.

Jim sorry I did not hear about the passing of Gloria until I read this thred, Truly sorry for your loss, unfortunatly I never had the pleasure of meeting her.

I think from above she appreciates what you have done in writing your books for many generations of prospectors to come.

Jim Straight is the man when it comes to finding,understanding epithermal gold deposits (often overlooked these days) and I should say I have used his books on drywashing

and reading the old timers dry wash piles for years. They gave me an edge when I first started nugget hunting with a metal detector years ago.. His books are great for using this info to find gold when your out hunting old diggings..

I have a great deal of of respect for Jim.

I also have to say included in his books are saftey mining basics that will help save you from getting hurt/trouble out in the hills.

Jims books have withstood the test of time, a great read for sure.

Jim has also been a great inspiration in my treasure hunting adventures. Thanks for the tips Jim, you too Rob.


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Gosh this thread goes on and on.... Many years ago Rob, Reg and I became involved with

meteorites.... we were planning on getting together to write an article or maybe even a booklet...

This was back before much was known regarding detecting them. However, the constant

press of our daily activities put a damper on doing it....

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  • Admin

Hey Guys,

AzNuggetBob - Thanks for the compliments. I'm not even half the nugget hunter I used to be. Now doing these field instructions I see some of these younger guys (like I once was in my 20's early 30's) getting into nugget hunting. They show the same drive and passion I once did when I first started. I would hunt from Sun up to dark, hike miles a day and get excited on every nugget find I made. I don't have the same drive I once had, but I've been trying to rekindle it.

You're an icon if there ever was one. One of the first die-hard patch hunters around Rich Hill and other known goldfields throughout the Southwest. I wish I would have known you back in the 90's.

Jim Straight - Ya, I still remember talking about the meteorite book and all the ideas. Have you even talked with Reg lately?

Talk with you guys later,

Rob Allison

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