16 to 1 wash

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Went out on Thurs. with Dave, James, and Dad to do some detecting up the LSD way.

There is a mineralized vein that I got a flake out of in the past, so I took some more samples. There were some really small specks in it but nothing to write home about. Looked like I was slaughtering a pig when I panned it out. :)
Did some detecting in a wash on the other side of the hill and  WOW! Did I get a work out digging garbage. I cant believe how much was in this wash in the LSD area. I thought every wash out there had been hit. :idunno:Especially this one as its so easy to get to.  So at a ratio of about 16 trash to 1 treasure....I had a name for that wash. After working my way down to a V,  I get the first one (medium sized one in pic, put a stick and scoop in the pic. so you could see how deep it was on that nug). Had to chip out the bedrock to get it out. Above it in the other drainage at the V I get the small one. I heard Dave talking to Dad up on the hill so I went back and got them so they had a chance at getting some yellow stuff. They used the GB2 and Monster and were kind enough to clean up all the bird shot I dont hear with the 13x17 EVO coil.

A little farther up the other drainage I get the big one.  .8 of a gram total...no skunk though! :) There was a lot of new hand stack in this wash and I have a feeling my two legged gopher friends may have visited it before me :2mo5pow: Hope they got a lot!

Found a pretty cool copper rock also.

Great day out with friends and got blessed with some gold.

Tom H.











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1 hour ago, Cowkiller said:

Hey Tom it looks like you guys had a good time! 16 to one is way better than my last trip. 50 to negative 1.... I gave back my green nugget box and a nugget. Maybe one day I will try to find it.

Crud! That stinks. Ive only lost one and it was pretty small.

Hope you get it back.



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1 hour ago, nuggethunting said:

Hey Tom and friends,

   Thanks for sharing your adventures!  Sure looks like Artic Dave can get around in that cool rail he has.  Always great to explore new country and get off the beaten path.  

Wishing you all a very successful 2018 prospecting season.  

That thing is a mountain goat! And if it gets stuck, you just pick the front end up and head it down the other way :)
Good Luck to you also in 18 :)
Tom H.


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3 hours ago, Mike Furness said:

HEY Tom .. Nice Pith Helmet!

Yah...I got to get that back to Dave. :)
Tom H.


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