Finally Got Out, Hit a Decent Nuggets with the GPZ

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Hello All,

   It's been awhile since I have actually been out swinging.  I decide to hit some old spots with the GPZ 7000.  Man, talk about being out of shape, it's only been a few months.  The detector seemed so damn heavy without a bungee.  I ended up getting sun burned along with a bunch of sore muscles the next day.  I can see how you loose detecting strength from not going out all the  time.  I used to swing the GPZ all day without a bungee with no problems, but the long downtime in between sure took it's toll.  

That all being said, I was lucky enough to dig enough faint targets for one of them to be this nice .88 ounce gold nugget at depth.  I didn't get a measurement on depth, nor did I really care, but it was deep and faint.  I also found two smaller dinks during the day along with a bunch of iron rubbish.  

Right at an ounce of gold with all three nuggets!  It was a long awaited hunt for me.  

missingnuggets (2).jpg

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Well heck! Nice scores Rob. Yah, down time will take its toll. Seems it takes me 4 or 5 times after the summer to get back into the "swing"  of things. I just hook the bungee up right away now days.

Nice slug :yesss:

Tom H.


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Nice gold, Rob. 

I hate to mention this but you are getting older...something I scoffed at when I was thirty or forty...time gets us all sooner or later.

Just accept your fate and hook up the bungy and maybe a hip stick and use the swing arm....  Prospect smart not hard....



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Next step is 'Pain Pills'.  I know that some will say 'Never', but just wait around till you're over eighty.  I take mild doses and get along pretty good at 84.  Can't take those long hikes anymore but there is enough land to go over close in.  You would be surprised just what folks miss nearby.  

   Old Tom 

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