Is this coil working right? It only found a piece 550 gm

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SO the prospectors that I have posted pictures of with the Gold Prospecting Cart equipped with the 20 X 40 DD Mother Ship coil, I got a call from them.

They were concerned because they were not sure the coil was working properly because it found a gold specimen that weighed 550 grams. (Pictures to come)

I said, "Why in the world would you not think the coils was not working properly?"

Because the gold has rock in it, and it is not a solid piece of gold.

I told him, "Keep looking in that same area and you will find the solid pieces, if it can find a piece that weighs 550 grams that is quartz and gold, it just tells you the coil is very sensitive and the solid pieces of gold are somewhere near by.

"But what do we do with the gold piece with all of the rock in it?"

OMG, I said do you realize in the United States some museum would take that specimen off of your hands in a heart beat?


I wanted so badly to say, just send it to me and I will take care of that really nasty one pound plus specimen.

We certainly could have some fun over there finding gold and helping the Sudanese learn how to find more gold than they are finding.


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Yeh, Bert. But they weren't Give me a beak. Rob sells Coiltek, Doc sells Coiltek. Coiltek coils are the best! They have a proven record. Of finding the GOLD. Are you related to Doug? Beside's I have hunted with DOC, and ROB. there both stand up guys. and although they would joke around with you, they will also go the extra mile to make things right. Even if you diodn't buy from them. We have all see DOC, step up and fix things for people, when they never bought from him. So, I don't think in my opion! You have a right to bash anyone. Give me Doc or Rob any day. over all the rest. Grubstake

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  • Admin

Hey Guys,

Those nuggets could be found with probably any manufactures coil. However, since Coiltek got over there before the other aftermarket coils they will probably make out like a bandit. I heard there are over 5,000 Coiltek Goldstalker's on backorder right now and Trev at Coiltek in Australia has a couple of shifts running to product these numbers.

The guys over in Sudan are not real opened minded, so when they use something with success they will not change. The only reason they gave up on the Commander 15x12 coils is the fact they couldn't get anymore, so they had to look for another coil that was similar. The advantage of the Goldstalker's is the fact they are bigger and lighter then the Commander 15x12.

Eventually all the coils will be over there and you will hear about finds being found with all makes.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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I think by now everyone knows Rob and I sell and promote Coiltek coils; it shouldn't be a surprise. This picture below, that I just got in from Sudan pretty much tells you why we do!


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This is just another of your never ending Coiltec coil advertisments, on this website. The size of the gold nuggets that are being found in Sudan Africa could also be found with Minelab and Nuggetfinder coils.


Without the advertisements and the sales of the items he has, this forum would not exist Bedrock. glare.gif


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I love the way DOC promotes his business, up front, funny and always the truth. :spank: Everyone knows DOC has a tongue in cheek sense of humor that is a rare affliction in this politically correct day and age. :blush: I do business with DOC for exactly that reason, he's honest. ^_^


BTW DOC how bout a nice post on how one of your customers found a 500 gram specimen with one of our videos? Now that would be a fantastic promotion!!! :lol: Loved the pics mate, especially the shots of the ground, do you see all the banded iron scattered through the sand, thats why the GPX-4500 Coiltek combos are so popular over there, hidden under and in that sand is some very nasty mineralisation. I would love to have my quad bike with large Coiltek AI drag coil behind it over there, I have found pieces down to 1 gram using that set up and feel sure it would do really well in their conditions (bit of a secret to setting them up though).

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I enjoy the photos those customers in Sudan send Doc that he posts here. Please keep em coming Doc.

I totally agree. As I set here wondering with awe at the gold they are finding, I wonder if I wore a dress like that if it would help me to find some gold.........

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