What is the weight of this

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What is the total weight of the gold on the scale. One guess per person. the closest guess will win a bag of Top O' Deep panning gold concentrates from Montana. Guess the weight in Grams and or partial grams and post it in your reply. In case of a tie the 1st winning guess gets the bag of concentrates and the 2nd get a Video titled Jack Langs Nugget Finding Secrets.

This will end at 5pm on Sept 5th

Allen in MT


Huego and Ebonetta guess again as I changed some things.


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1100 grams! Thats over 2 pounds! I say much less

My original guess was for a bag of gold dirt that was originally posted, while you were asleep jumper. :lol:

As offered I get another guess as the question has changed. Thanks for the oportunity Allen.

The gold here I guess weighs 8.7 grams


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