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Hello All,

To my surprise the GPX4800 & 5000's showed up today. I'm heading out this evening to test the units on some central Arizona golfields. I'm excited to see how the new detectors work.

For all the customers that have pre-paid on pre-orders, I will be working to get your units out Monday and Tuesday when I return. The other customers that have placed deposits, please contact me next week so we can get the units off to you also.

Wish me luck in the goldfields. I'm excited to be the first guy back to some of these patches!

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Hey Rob

We being everyone is here waiting on you to get back to hear what you got to say about the 5000.Maybe it would be good if you could get a stick for your laptop to keep us updated how things were going.HaHa

I'm a thousand miles away but I was right beside you as each hole you dug.Maybe not but I'd like to have been there.

Till then.


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