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Guys, thank you so much for the Birthday wishes. I has sort of been as if I didn't have a birthday. I had planned on going out detecting on my birthday, but it was not to be.

Last Wednesday my wife had my 2 year old grandson outside and they were playing around the pool. My grandson, Rhett, was riding his little electric car that goes like about a foot ever second. Not very fast. My wife was walking behind him and he turned around to say something to my wife and turned his wheels and went right into the 9 foot deep pool.

My wife, just went into panic mode and jumped in after him, but in the process she hit the edge of the pool and caused an anterior fracture of the L2 vertebrae. Rhett was fine, he thought it was all good fun to fly into the pool and scare the crap out of Grandma.

I had to take her to the emergency room, where they did a CAT scan and said that she was lucky because the spinal column was intact, and she had not suffered any injury to the spinal cord; just a 50% compression fracture to the anterior L2. She is in a full torso brace to immobilize the break.

She can't do anything. She is miserable laying down, can't get up without help, can't shower without help, can't bend over, she can walk very slowly.

So I have been playing nurse maid, doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, helping her take a shower, etc. Damn I knew she worked hard, but I'm freaking exhausted.

This comes at a really bad time as I had already booked a trip to Hawaii for May 23rd to celebrate our 42nd wedding anniversary.

So she's got less than 30 days to get healed. So that's why I have not been on the forum and probably won't be for a while. Thanks again.


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As one that has done the back adventure for many years my heart goes out to her. Hang in there Doc and do as much as you can for her. Gold can wait for a while until things straighten out a little. We will be praying for a rapid recovery for her.

Old tom

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