Always nice to find new gold .....

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Hello All,

Nothing special, just some more gold from gold bearing wash we discovered. Just over 12 Dwt's or 19 Grams shown below on the NF 14x9 Searchcoil. All Gold was found with the Minelab GPX 5000 metal detector and Nugget Finder 14x9 Solid Mono. I'm excited to get back .....



Hope you enjoyed.

Rob Allison

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Nothing Special???? Jeez, Rob you are bringing a memory of Jonathan Porter to mind...when he was disappointed over a 1-2 oz nugget just because he had to dig more than usual...

but, it is all in what one is accustomed to.

You do the work, have the country and are successful so the small stuff is not so "special" to you...but, once upon a was.

nice gold


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Well....I hope I find nothing special when I go out tomarow :)
Thats some really nice gold there.



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Thanks Unc Ron, Fred,

The total is 36 pennyweight. Biggest piece is 6.5 penny.

All was found within 50 yards of each other.

Most were dug at 6-10 inches. Some a little deeper.

Ive hammered that spot but I think theres more to be had. Diggin got really tough, chippin away an inch at a time now.

Broke one pick handle so far and put a pretty good bend in my boulder bar.

Hav'nt been able to come up with a good name for my honey hole............maybe now I call it the 'nuttin special" patch.

Thanks Rob!!

Dern..that is some pretty looking gold.

Amazing you didnt bend some of them up pulling them out of the dirt.

Deffinently a different type of host rock then anything ive seen here in Az.

Good luck to you out there! Hope you get more :)

I know when ive gone back over my areas with a different coil or different settings I always seem

to pop a couple more out.

Tom H.

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Good on you Rob, way to go!!

That one in the upper left looks like a pendant does it have a natural hole going through the top?

Hope you make it back out there and hit some more. Thanks for the beautiful pics.

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Hello All,

No natural holes on those nuggets. The long bean looking nugget was a double-beeper! I normally don't find them that thin and long from this area, but do have one about the same size from about 10 years ago. All were found in bedrock cracks & crevices.

Retorted - You didn't high-jack the thread. Great to see your finds!

Rob Allison

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