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Went out to mid-western Arizona today, the place I have found nuggets before. This time I went about a half mile up the creek from the spot I have found all the black nuggets at and when it was light enough, began to dig. The temperature was in the fifties to start with and ended up in the mid-seventies, typical Arizona winter weather. I could tell the old-timers were here as there were stacked rocks  but they didn't have detector and as I began to break open cracks in the stream, here and there a nugget would pop out. In total for the day it ended up at 19 DWT, just shy of the ounce I hoping for. The gold was very chunky and the picture sucks. I hope to make it back out again tomorrow and keep working the creek.


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WTG on the gold! Very nice day out for you :)

Tom H.


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Hey Afriscot,

   Real nice batch of gold you recovered.  I would recommend chasing the bedrock down to the deeper bedrock areas if you're getting that on the more shallow stuff.  It might be real interesting to see what might be hiding deeper, especially if the old-timers never beat you to it. 

Keep us updated with your success metal detecting.  You always seem to be finding some great gold and inspiring us that it's still out there to be found. 

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