18+ Ouncer found by Customer & New Minelab Equinox 800

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Hello All,

    Here is a great find from a customer and his wife that purchased a Minelab Equinox 800 recently.  Read below -


It was our first time detecting in Idaho.  We were detecting on a
private claim in the miles and miles of dredge tailings with my new
Equinox 800 in Gold Mode - discriminating signals below zero.  After
about an hour and a half of digging through various trash Deb found
this beautiful specimen about 60 feet from our vehicle.  It weighs in
at 18.8 oz and based on specific gravity testing has 6 ounces of gold!
Deb named it the "Golden Potato" because she found it in Idaho (and
it looks like a potato).  This is her first big gold find and
hopefully will not be her last.


18ouncer (576x1024).jpg

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Very nice find, those miles old dredge tailings offer great opportunity for those patient enough to hunt them. That must have been a wonderful evening around the campfire for her and everyone. 

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Wow! Great find.

Looks solid enough to slice it and make jewelry out of it.

Tom H.


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