Wife's Cancer

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I would like to say thanks for all the prayers from everyone. My wife had Breast cancer, and went under the knife last Tuesday. The cancer was not found in the nodes, and they got all that was in her breast. She will have to go through Radiation for 5 weeks. (NO Chemo) thank God. I would like to say a special thanks to El Dorado for his special gift, and to Lucky for his contribution of a couple nuggets for the gift. You guys are great friends. Thanks again. Doug

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It saddens my heart that this is the second one of these for your family. A short story about these. When I was stricken with cancer 4 years ago I know how devastating it can be. Then a very good friend was stricken with Liver cancer and was told to finish his business. He is a very religious person so I decided to make a nugget "Cancer" Cross for him and it was a present. He is still with us today!! Another friend got cancer and I sent him one, he even had it tapped to his hand during surgery. His operation was not completely successful but he is still here 3 years later. All in all I have made 6 of these now and each and every recipient is is still around to wear them..... Doug supplied all the gold for this one. I just finished it Saturday and will be sending it out to him today.........


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My wife had breast cancer 5 years ago. She is also a breast ultrasound tech. Doug's wife's cancer was caught in the very early stages, as was my wife's. She discovered her cancer with a self administered ultrasound, on her 45th birthday. I hear very sad stories regularly of women that didn't get a timely breast exam. Breast cancer can happen to any woman, regardless of family history. Prayer is a wonderful tool for fighting cancer. Regular exams are also needed to give these women a fighting chance. These very sad stories can be prevented..........Marstin

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