This weekend's gold

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Got out this weekend for a shorter hunt. 6 hours. Dug lots of trash and these three nuggets I dug the first nugget and got my motivation cause there is gold in this wash. Found the smallest one a minute later on exposed bedrock. The nothing but trash for a couple hours. Heading back to the truck about a hundred yards below the first nugget I get a nice signal dug down to bedrock and it's still they blowing out my speaker. I got the straw out and there it was in a crack a 2 Grammer! And yes I didn't hear it the first time over it. It was between 8 and 10 inches down. The big one weighed in at 2.00 grams the next at .37 and the super dink at .04 all found with a 7k running hot with a 14in coil.IMG_20170616_092536094.jpgIMG_20170615_230057589.jpg

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WTG Justin! :)
Got to give it to you for going out when its so hot.

Nice nugs.

Tom H.


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7 hours ago, Cowkiller said:

Thanks guys. It's a little warm out there lol. 

I'm not sure if it's a good sign but I like to see them. Here are a couple more critters...IMG_20170610_000159793.jpgIMG_20160730_011607032.jpgIMG_20160418_010728022.jpg2011-07-29_23-28-18_888.jpgsximple1.jpgIMG_20170602_054616968.jpg



Wow that critter in the 3rd photo is EXTREMELY WELL hidden/camouflaged, took me a little bit to spot him/her!!!


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Cool! But, im sticking with loving the gold...heck with the critters with no legs!


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