Trevor from Coiltek Manufacturing scores BIG in U.S.

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Well as some of you may know by now, Trevor, the owner of Coiltek Manufacturing is here in the United States staying with my family and I for 11 days.

We had to sneak in some metal detecting, and Russ, aka Gold Stud Muffin, was nice enough to invite us down to Arizona to one of his hot spots. We later met up with Rob and Dennis when they came to the area on Thursday.

So we arrive at Russ' location, which to say it is "off the beaten path" is like saying the surface of the sun is a little hot.

I had been at this location before with Russ and Rob, and so I knew the story of the area. I walked with Russ and Trevor while Russ explained that several ounces had been taken out of one gully, but that it was filled with trash and patience was the key.

Trevor Russ and I headed back to the vehicles to gear up. I stayed at the truck to to set up the tent. Trevor and Russ headed off to the trash filled gully. Apparently Russ went up the gully while Trevor went down.

About 10 minutes later I hear Trevor screaming YAHOO! YAHOO! It didn't sound like a grammer yahoo, it sounded like a YAHOO that comes from an ouncer.

I ran to the gully where Trevor was, just as he was climbing out of the gully with a big chunky gold specimen. It weighed in AT 1.88 OUNCES. Trevor was, I believe the Aussie expression is, "OVER THE MOON."

Trevor was using a brand new GPX4500 that I had broke out of stock for him, and a new secret prototype coil that he had sent over that is housed in a 12 X 19 Gold Stalker housing, which for now will just be called the D3. Trevor said the coil worked flawlessly as he had previously been able to discriminate out about 5 pieces of trash before hitting this lunker.

Needless to say this made Trevor's trip to the U.S.A. all the more special and gives him some special bragging rights when he gets back to Australia. I have a feeling when he gets back he will be very busy making up a batch of SUPER SECRET D3 Gold Stalker coils.

Attached are some pictures.



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That is a fantastic nugget. Way to go Trevor!

That is a great find!

Welcome to the USA Trevor!

Hope you enjoy your time in the states and that you have a great walk about while in the US.



An ex Perth resident courtesy of Schlumberger. Wish I was into prospecting back then! sigh.

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Welcome to the USA! Way to go on the beautiful specimen. If the new D3 coils perform anything like the Goldstalkers they will be nugget killers. Congradulations. Sounds like you guys had a great hunt with great friends. Hope you find many more. Take care.



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Way to go Trevor!!

That is awesome, what a souvenir to take home with you!

Will Coiltek be making the D3 in a mono version? I just started playing with DD coils lately and am curious how that big nugget sounded at only 8 or 9 inches deep in discrimination mode...... did it also sound sweet but LOUD?

Once again! WOO HOO! and Congratulations!

Tony Teixeira

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G'day to all,

To all who have replied with their comments I thank you very much and I must say it was an amazing day. Not only was I able to hunt in the famous Arizona Goldfields but I was also lucky enough to find that nice piece! It is my biggest nugget yet and I travelled a great distance to find it.

Many thanks to Russ for his generosity and hospitality and I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to show me around the area and inform me of the history. I like nothing more than knowing about the area I hunt. It amazes me what the old timers endured when they searched for the good stuff. So a big thanks to you and your family and I hope you have success for a long time in the areas you hunt. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would find something that big here in the USA. Not that you guys don't find that sort of nugget but I was told most areas yield only grammers and the like. The ouncer is very rare and especially the ounce specimen.

Thanks to Rob Allison too who took time out to come to see us and hunt with us. It was a pleasure to meet with you and your friend Dennis and I enjoyed knowing I was with great company. You have done nothing but support my company (and before it was mine) so to take time out to hunt too really showed what kind of person you are, generous and mad keen for the yellow! And to see you get over a nice nugget too really topped off a ripper detecting trip (see photo). I can now say that I have had a hunt with a great hunter.

Big thanks to Doc who has been a perfect gentleman and a very hospitable host. He has made my trip very memorable indeed and he and his family are very special. I leave here on Tuesday with great memories of Vegas, Nevada, Arizona and the wonderful people whom I have met along the way.......... A massively huge thanks to Doc!!! :D I will give him a man hug! ^_^

Now to the D3 coil.... was supposed to be a bit of a secret test :ph34r: but looks like it will provide a good launching pad for what will be the new GOLDSTALKER DD coils. They will still be a few months away from production as I still need to review and monitor their performance but this one was a great unit. I did notice a little touch sensitivity but we were in a very rocky area with many hot rocks/pockets which can liven up the whole performance. I sometimes like and can put up with a bit of noise if I know the coil is punching down and not missing much. The beauty of this coil is that the way I have made it, it is only 1 ounce heavier than the mono (the coil is an 18x12" Elliptical) so I am very confident in keeping the production units weight to a similar spec. I ran in SHARP with a gain of 9 (FP) as any higher it was a little too noisy and I also had the audio on QUIET (I like that setting for the DD coils - just my preference). Now this signal was a typical low-high deep signal really, just a small warble to indicate the depth and it wasn't until I was 6" or so down that the signal flipped and went high-low.... The last time I experienced this was when I was in the Pilbara region of WA. I found a half ouncer at 8" and 3" down the signal flipped which was a good thing to experience and told me that any deep signal can be gold... 15" later out popped the 1.8 ounce specimen nugget which I initially thought was going to be just junk as you never expect something like that to pop out. I had discriminated a few closer to the surface targets as I was running in Iron Mask due to the high trash around. I had always commented to people to run in all metal and dig all targets but I did want to see how the coil handled the Iron Mask mode. Running on 5 the nugget didn't discriminate until I would say roughly 3 inches above because I distinctively remember the slight blanking when I pulled away from it screaming at me. So I still think you could walk over a 2 ouncer 3-6" down if you run on 5 to full Iron Mask but I have more confidence in the 4500 Iron Mask than any other of the previous units. When I ran a mono in this area I was finding pockets of strong mineralisation which were quite misleading and made me dig a decent hole. When I ran the DD it didn't see any of that and provided a beautiful smooth threshold.

I think this will be a perfect coil for those trashy areas and the later model units. For those who run the GP and SD series it will be a great choice for the mild to hot areas of mineralisation. There are so many users of these detectors we cannot forget about their abilities so I think the guys in Australia who hunt in mineralised area will enjoy this coils abilities when they are released.

Grubstake: Thanks mate... only hunting for 2 days unfortunately but very fortunate to have done so...

JP: yes the D3 will come in Petrol or Diesel :lol:

Montana: aint that the truth! never gonna sell it though....

AndyinOz: very observant. I didn't hink so either but my experience must have been in the hottest area. No better place to test coils....

Scorpion: Thanks for your kind words.

Scott W: I am sorry too. I would have enjoyed to hunt with you. I appreciate you and your brother's generosity indeed. YES! I am now in the ouncer club wooohoooo ^_^

Matt: Yes it was a great hunt with great friends and they will be for life... Hope to come back in the years coming...

Tony: Great souvenier indeed. The Goldstalkers are already in MONO. The nugget was a screamer at around 8" from memory. I thought I was right on it at that depth and it didn't discriminate then.

Uncle Ron: I intend to cover the whole Goldstalker range starting with the ellipticals. Thanks for your kind words.

Well I hope that our industry continues to grow and prosper with new developments and technology and I thank you all for your support.

When I get back to Australia I guess I have alot of work to do!!! :ph34r:

Take care all.




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You know I suppose I am a bit prejudice, being I have been distributing Coiltek's products for going on 14 years. However, I know of no other company that has opened up and made itself available to the actual users of the products like Coiltek has. First under the leadership of John Kah, but even more so under Trevor's ownership of Coiltek Manufacturing.

What other company do you know of that gives you the ear of the owner, the decision maker. Trevor reads these forums and we routinely discuss what it is that you guys like, dislike, what you would like to see next.

Trevor is always ready to fill a special request. As an example, Digger Bob routinely asks for his coil cables to be made 12 inches longer because he has always chest mounted his metal detector box. No problem, Trevor has always accommodated special requests like this.

Trevor and I have had long conversations over this visit and he is absolutely committed to continue to make Coiltek the most customer oriented company around that is responsive to the wants and needs of our loyal customers. Trevor wants to build the best, most dependable, and rugged coils and equipment available, and continue to back it with the kind of quality customer service that Coiltek, Rob and I have built our reputations around.

So I am proud to be part of the COILTEK family and I am very happy to have superb dealers like Rob be part of our team.

As COILTEK continues to grow, time constraints may make access to Trevor limited, so this is the perfect opportunity for all of you to bend his ear, and let him know what you like, dislike, want to see in the future, ideas and comments. We still have him here in the U.S. until Tuesday, and he is not being torn away by day to day business issues. I am sure he would like to hear some input from us Yanks to take back with him to Australia.

And a special thank you to all of you, our loyal customers and fans of Coiltek. We would not be driven to achieve higher goals, if it were not for your comments, support, and business.


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Glad to see some DD Goldstalkers coming out soon, that soil in the desert, is like hunting in a playground sand box for kids, compared to the soil we have up here in Mariposa. They will be a welcome addition to the guys that have 3500's and below model detectors. the soil up here in places is like trying to detect a nugget on top of an iron plate. Thanks Trevor, have a good and safe trip back home, too bad you didn't have more time. You could have seen first hand, how bad the soil is up here. Grubstake

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Guest goldstudmuffin

Trevor and Doc,

It was a pleasure to meet you Trevor, and your more than welcome. You and Doc are always welcome here!

I had the chance to visit with Trevor around the campfire after Doc went to bed, and he's truley a nice guy, and I couldn't be happier that Trevor found a big beautiful nugget to help him remember Arizona!

Uncle Ron, Doc has been a good friend to me... about 5 or 6 years ago Doc did me a big favor when I fried my 2100 and he's gone way beyond the normal warranties for a lot of other people. I'm just trying to pay him back a little for being good to others. :spank:

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NVCHRIS, a few years back, I think it was Garrett that had a coil that was three sided, like a triangle, it worked great, but had no depth, but was good under metal bleachers, I'd like to see a DD coil, long and like the Whites Bigfoot, for the minelab PI'S. Grubstake

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NV Chris. A friend of mine builds his own coils and has built a long narrow tear drop shaped coil with the pointy end forward and the mounting bracket far to the rear. He built it for a specific area where the remaining nuggets are in little clumps of scrubby brush and his thinking was that it would penetrate farther into the brush than an eliptical and he was right and he scored a few nuggets using it that way. It really didn't seem to work real well for open ground and had funny hots spots and cold spots, but the tip was hot and that was what he wanted. Don't worry Trevor, I don't think he has any sights set on being your competition, he just likes to tinker. :rolleyes: . I've often thought that there might be some merit to a shape other than elip or round. I'd also like to hear what you think .----Bob

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Hi nvChris,

good question. Remember there are no Stupid questions.... just crappy answers so i hope this aint one :rolleyes:

I have never researched that shape and could not answer that for now. Others might know from past designs and as Grubstake mentioned there could be limitations in certain performance abiliies.

I will be the first to admit I do not have the knowledge to work out whether that shape will work or not but I do have a workshop where I can put things into practice and because I enjoy the challenge I might add that to a list of designs to try.

The best sized coils for overall performance - that being depth and sensitivity - are the medium range from 14" - 16" round or 14" - 18" elliptical. As you go smaller you increase sensitivity but reduce depth. Go larger and we increase depth but reduce sensitivity.

When other shapes and designs are tried there will usually be a trade-off somewhere. I agree Montana, different shapes might provide new performance abilities especially for specific reasons as you mentioned.

like Doc said we are here anytime to receive comments



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Trevor, Doc, and Rob,

I don't post much here as I live on the east coast, but I read this forum regularly, I don't own a Minelab detector, but I just wanted to commend ya'll on your customer service, it is rare in todays times to have companies actually listening to their customers, when I get a chance to head out west in a few years to the nugget fields, ya'll will be the first on my list to contact!!!! :D:D

Trevor, congratulations on your first US nugget, and a WHOPPER at that!!!! B)B)

Thanks, ya'll make me feel that all is not lost in today's world!!


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  • Admin

Hello All,

It's a great pleasure to be part of the Coiltek team here in the US. Since Coiltek was first introduced back in the 90's I using and promoting their products. I was also one of the first, if not the first US Coiltek dealer under Doc. Over the years I've had many opportunties to sell other aftermarket coils, but it's always been in my best interests to stick with Coiltek. In my opinion, Coiltek makes the most reliable and consistant searchcoils. I've found well over 100 ounces of gold since the 90's using Coiltek searchcoils here in the US.

Now with Trev being the owner and in the drivers seat, I know we are going to see some great new products in the future. I'm actually testing some stuff right now, but can't discuss what I have.

It was great to meet Trev in person and get to hunt with him and Doc. Thanks to my great friend, Russ, that invited us all over to one of his secret patches. I think everytime we go back to this spot someone ends of finding a nice nugget.

Hope Trev can make it back down here again so we can do some more swinging.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Holy Mackerel batman, looks like the coil options are becoming more and more interesting by the day, put me down for a D3 too please!! :blush: Does the D3 name have anything to do with Bulldozers of the Caterpillar type?


If that's the case, I want the D8 model of the coil (the nomenclature for the batteries that go IN the Cat's)... :)

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Hey Jennifer

Your last name may say your tough 007 but your going to have to be one strong girl to carry that battery.

Have you had any luck hunting on your claims for nuggets yet?I was just thinking you still may be up to your armpits in snow,it's just living in Texas you don't think about that.

Best to you when you can start working on your gold claims.

Chuck Anders


I'm sure this question has been ask are they are thinking it and what is the price of this new coil going to be??

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""As COILTEK continues to grow, time constraints may make access to Trevor limited, so this is the perfect opportunity for all of you to bend his ear, and let him know what you like, dislike, want to see in the future, ideas and comments.""

Hi Trev. Awsome find!

Ok, here's a pickle we all seem to find ourselves in eventually. Since you are looking for feedback or suggestions on how to improve your product, see if you can come up with a way to solve this. I've asked you this before, and already know the answer, but maybe, just maybe, some help is in the works. This applies to all the Australian made coils and products, so it's not just yours.

What can we do when a coil needs repair? Not warranty, Doc takes care of that. But cables break, plastic cracks, tabs break off, strange sounds are heard. There must be some way to contract with an American repair facility who can service all these things of yours. It's just not worth the expense to ship it all the way back to Oz, not to mention the time factor.

I like and use many of your coils, but I hesitate to shell out $500 on a new and improved loop if I can't get it repaired if needed.

Thanks for a great product!

Digger Bob

PS - On this new D8 loop; How is it different than the Wallaby? Roughly the same size and DD. Obviously lighter, but better how in comparison? Oh, and another thing; Is it waterPROOF?

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