Finally a good day!

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I have been hitting a new area for the last few months and just knew there was gold there... Well skunk after skunk I decided that this place only has one nugget... The one I lost last week. Well I go to some new ground in an old area, a system that has been worked by the old timers they filled it with trash and left some gold. I dug about a thousand boot tracks and old wire coils from brushes assume and a few nuggets. The first one found was the nugget with the arm then a .75 g sunbaker! The two biggest bits are the same weight at 1.25 grams each. Total weight is 8.72 grams my best day in a very long time. Also thank you Rob for your consistent great service. The new control box and coil covers are on and look good.



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Hey Cowkiller,

    It's always great when you find a new patch in a new area.  Congrats on the gold you found, they sure have some nice character to them all.  

Thank You for always being a loyal customer and friend.  

Wishing you many more nuggets from the new location.  

Rob Allison

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YES!!! Congrats :yesss: Thats a really, really, good day. 

Go out with the wife and celebrate. :2drink:


Oh, BTW....any day your above dirt is a good day :ROFL:
Tom H.


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OT no snakes but I did see a snake skin and a snake trail going across the road.

Tom you're right this side of the ground makes every day that much better!

Walker yup they are pretty small.... The 7k found them alright..... Found them before the nugget they were right next to. One of my favorite tools to use out there is my circle k straw. lol

Thanks to everyone else!

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Hey Guys,

   The GPZ is amazingly sensitive to small gold.  I just conducted some training today with couple of guys from North Dakota.  They both purchased GPZ's from us.  I laid down a small, under 1 grain nugget on the bedrock so they could see how sensitive the unit really is.  They were just amazed and even thought I was pulling their leg, so they moved the small nugget to another section of bedrock, scanned over it and BANG!

I think the most amazing thing is not so much the technology of the GPZ, but the sensitive of the 14x13 Super DD coil.  I would expect this from maybe a tiny small Mono, but a DD. :blink:

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All right! Thats a nice klunker :)
Its amazing the oddball stuff you find in washes.
Bet your heart skipped a few beats when you saw the gold coin :)
Nice finds.
Tom H.


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On 2/13/2018 at 5:42 PM, Old Tom said:

Justin, that coin has got to be worth more than one dollar.  I'll give you two dollars for it.   :lol:

   Old Tom  


On 2/14/2018 at 1:30 PM, Cowkiller said:

Ha thanks for the offer OT but it's had already been traded for a blue mountain dew at the circle k.

Man ain't that's the way it always goes, just as soon as you think you got your money's worth someone steps up and shows you how wrong you were, you could of had 2 Blue Mountain Dews!!default_2mo5pow.gif

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